October 8 . . . a Thursday

I played with a new app I got days ago.  I am still wanting to do a series on Youtube sharing apps and the iPhone education.  I need more hours in a day.  I put the image on Twitter and Instagram just for fun.

I had chocolate milk for lunch.  We actually bought cookies to go with it, but I forgot about them.  It was just something nice for a change.

I picked up some leaves coming into the building and put them on my work computer.  I remember doing the same thing last year and really enjoying them.  I am still baffled at why they are so sparkly.  Last year I thought it might be oil from a car, but now I'm wondering if these trees have sap.

Hubby and I split a small can of dumplings and I rushed off to Bible study, only to find that someone had made this delicious soup with bread and salad and desert.  I couldn't resist tasting.  It was so good!  I debated going, but overall I was glad I did.  I really wanted to stay home and enjoy the nice weather.  I took my journlaing Bible and made a few doodles.  This was the first one.  I was surprised that I could draw this.  I did not think I had the skills.  I did copy an image I found on the internet though, adding my own twist.

Here is the second one I made.  I'm not very good like those that share in the Facebook groups and I think I won't share these there.

I did a third one, but after the fact I wondered if what the speaker said was correct theology.  Now I'm stuck with it in my Bible unless I do something different with it.  It got me thinking that maybe I should not doodle unless I trust the teacher as I may be temporarily mislead.  Maybe I will paint over it and put something else there.  The reason I almost don't go is that I do find Beth Moore to be stretching her thinking and not accurate to my beliefs sometimes.

Hubby and I watched Survivor on the laptop.  We were tired.


Tammy said…
Love chocolate milk!!!!

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