October 9 . . . a Friday

The day started out with some light rain.  It was nice to hear, but it is turning the days colder and I'm not sure I'm ready for colder days.  Can I have summer back.

My morning was filled with legal descriptions.  They are not my favorite thing to do, especially typing this many and proofreading them.  I think about those who have to type them every day for their jobs and say a little prayer for them.

Our geranium look beautiful still!  Wow!  I cannot believe how gorgeous they look in mid-October.
Oh, look at that!  My new shoes were here when I snapped this photo and I did not even see that until now as I type this post days later.  lol  Hubby brought them in late at night.

I also love my purple mum in the front yard.  I need to measure how many feet it is, but each day it opens up more and gives me great joy.

I worked at the service dinner while hubby went to work for the evening.  I used my Little Luther to take a photo so I could share on social networking.  It is fun how hashtags can help bring together people of the same mind.  I am realizing today that it seems few Lutherans, at least LCMS'ers, We are a rather conservative bunch of people and it shows.  There are the Lutheran Core people who seem to find and follow me all the time, but not the LCMS'ers.  I get some strange things in my feeds sometimes following other Christians and really wish I could connect with more like-minded people.

Little Luther approved of the pizza too!  lol  It was delicious!  Wow!  We've got some good cooks at this church.  After the meal, they made some specialty pizzas for the working crew.  I hung around for a little while and tried to socialize.  Apparently, there is a group that does this every Friday and we've been invited.  It think it is a grand idea that can turn into a bigger ministry to begin gathering people over pizza weekly, and expanding outward.

So my new shoes are in and I had to make myself get out of bed to try them on.  These are moreso slippers.  I really want something I can wear around the house and then be able to walk outside as I tend to go outside even in the freezing cold to check on the dogs.  I'm always afraid some stray animal will be out there to harm them.  Miss Tizzy is so small anything could hurt her.

I'm not sure if I'll keep any of the shoes.  They all seem to be a bit too long and slip on my heal.  They are perfect otherwise, especially in width.  The slipper shoes flop like a flip flop and have so much of a think sole that I feel taller and almost stumble and fall!

I wish I could have the cute boots I tried earlier and sent back, but I have to get shoes that fit my feet and I'm so limited.  To me, they look wide and not cute and small like I'm used to my feet looking.  I do like these though and I really need some closed shoes for the winter to wear to work.  I'm a little hesitant about how the suede will hold up.  Tying the shoes does help them stay on better and I'm going to have to try them with sock as that may help too.

These feel okay too except for they slip.  I'm not sure they are the best for walking, but just finding shoes that fit and don't hurt my feet are a huge task for me.  They cost so much money too.  I am hoping some socks will help these shoes too. We'll see.  Time will tell whether I send them back.


Tammy said…
Hope your shoes work out! Those slippers look comfy!

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