Reformation Day study

Today is Halloween, but for me as a life-long Lutheran (LCMS) it is more important to spend time considering and remembering Reformation Day, which is the same day.

I am excited that in 2017 it will be a 500 year celebration of Reformation Day.  How cool is that!

I started out wanting to do a Digital Bible Journaling page, but I could not decide what verse to work on.  I really wanted to use a reformation verse, but while considering all the verses to choose from, I changed from one verse to merely considering many verses.  It took me all morning to do this!  I could not get all the text on the page that I wanted to get on the page. Then when I got all the text on, I could not find any room for additional stuff or papers that worked and I did a lot of masking and playing around.

I matched the solae text with the bible verse text by color.  I hope people reading get that easily.

I think I will stick this in the front of my journaling Bible since there are too many verses that it relates.

Some of the description text came from the LCMS page and I thought about removing it to make more room, but it was such good stuff.  However, I found it did not get to the point of each difference, so I stated in the black text the matter of fact points in a concise statement from my own thoughts.

I rarely share my denomination on my blog, keeping my studies non-denominational.  But today this was calling on my mind to do.


Rambler said…
Love this! Gods word is Excellent! I do also love your take on it. :) The graphics via Martin Luther work to make it complete.
Dawn said…
Um.... Did you mean to put December on the layout? According to your post, Reformation Day is today October 31st. I'm just pointing it out in case you mean to print it. :) Hey.. I'm the QUEEN of typos!!! Hahahaha
Chrissy said…
Hi! Love this! Can I print this for myself? Can I share it? Only bummer is that it says December. Wanted to share it with my kids. Isn't it sweet we can even read scripture in our own language?! Thankful for Martin Luther!
Linda said…
Such a great page you made. So nice to meet another fellow Lutheran. I also would like to print it if possible to get a copy of it?
Hummie B said…
Dawn, uGGGG! November 1! Not December!

Linda and Chrissy, I would be honored if you wanted to keep it for personal use. I need to fix the date a little later today though.
Hummie B said…
Thanks you for your patience. It now says November!
Dawn said…

I just wanted to make sure it was correct for YOU.... not to be the typo police so much lol. I know you like printing some of your layouts (if not all!), and didn't want you to notice it AFTER printing. Just looking out for ya. :)
Tammy said…
Very cool!

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