A BOOK! Advent Devotions, Free Downloads, and Challenges

I am very excited to announce that I am a published author!  Who, me?  It was not even in my dream-house!  This project started as a few writings for church.  I continued writing as an advent-long "journey-themed" series of devotions for my blog.  Tara joined me as our "gift" to our readers in doodling each. As we got close to finishing we realized we had a book, and so it is now self-published!  How cool is that! Learning about self-publishing has been time consuming, but what a delight.

You can read more about the books below, but first:

This is our GIFT to you.  It has been a labor of love!  We pray that God can use this for His Kingdom in whatever ways He does so which will surely be more immeasurable than we can ever imagine!

We hope you join us this advent and here is how.

1.  Written devotionals will be (free) on my blog daily at 6 a.m. during advent through December 25.

2.  Free doodle downloads will be on Tara's blog at Doodle Through the Bible.  The downloads will be in color and in coloring book formats.  Our doodles did not turn out very "Christmasy" but that is a blessing because they can be used in any way at any time of the year.  Christmas is not just a day in December!

3.  Reminders:  We will be posting in the Digital Bible Journaling Facebook group links to our posts.

4.  Challenge:  Create a graphic however you are inspired.  Maybe the devotional will spark an idea.  Maybe the Bible verse will spark an idea.  Maybe the doodles will inspire you.  We invite you to use the doodles in your art, but it is not required.  You can print them and use them for hybrid projects or import them for digital work.  There are no rules, just create as inspired and share.  Do them as you have time, do one or do all.  It is up to you.  Even if you just follow along and read and comment, God can do amazing things.

See the Digital Bible Journaling website for tutorials on how to do Digital Bible Journaling, Hybrid ideas, coloring digitally for layouts, and more.

5.  Share:  You can share with us however you choose, but here are the most used options.  First, post in the Digital Bible Journaling Facebook group.  Second, upload to our Flickr gallery.  Or do both! There are no rules, just spending time with God and worshiping Him through sharing your artwork.

6.  Buy the Book:  You can buy the book as an eBook ($4.99) or a paperback  ($11.99) on Amazon/Kindle.  This is totally not required! However, you will get an advance copy of all writings and it will be permanently yours to read whenever, rather than finding the blog posts to follow. Plus, it's just kind of fun, if you are a long time blog reader and our friend, to own something we have written. (Isn't it, or is that just me? Grin)

If you do not have a smart phone, you can still read Kindle books by using the desktop application or the browse Cloud Reader.

7.  Share:  Please help spread our gift with other people.  Share the blog posts each day.  Share your graphics and link to the blog post.  Share our book (wouldn't that tickle our belly).

8.  Thank you:  Thank you in advance for reading and participating and sharing.  It makes all our time and efforts in creating this series feel worthwhile, although we know it already has worth in how much we have been blessed through just the creation of the same.  I know your time, especially during the holidays, and the many options available online are voluminous.  So if you choose to spend some time with us, we appreciate your presence.

P.S.S.  We would also appreciate a review on Amazon of our books so that we might get sales through searches on Amazon.  Is that too forward of us to ask?


Lois B said…
Congratulations, Hummie. Look forward to reading your daily Advent devotions.
Eve Jansen said…
sound Awesome
Hummie B said…
Thanks all for sharing my joy with me!
anitab said…
This is so exciting!! Our family has celebrated daily Advent (with the long log and candles) for over 35 years; it's always nice to have fresh devotionals to use, and I'm looking forward to yours!!
P.S. I have a Kindle app for my computer - can anyone tell me if there is a way to print a page from a Kindle ebook? I would hate to lay the actual book on a scanner, in order to have picture copies for grandchildren to color.
Carolyn said…
Hmm, the ebook is for kindle only? I was hoping I could use it on a computer as I don't have a Kindle. Any way to do this?
Hummie B said…
Yes! You can get the kindle on your computer for free!

I use it!

You can also read it in the browser.

You just need an Amazon account to purchase.
Hummie B said…
Anita, Tara will have the coloring book pages for your grandchildren to color on her blog for a free download every day. She would love to know your grandchildren are coloring them!
Charlene Reeves said…
Love this idea and very much want to be apart.
Hummie B said…
Glad to have you with us Charlene.
Sonya said…
Remember if God had laid it on your heart there is a reason and need for it. He is our comformation and we should need no other....darn flesh gets us every time.

Now I just want to take time to thank you for taking your time to adhere to His calling and being a working vessel that allows Him to provide us with His instructions and word through you.
Hummie B said…
Thanks for that Sonya!
Tammy said…
So thrilled for you, Hummie. Seriously thrilled!

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