Advent-Long Devotion Update

May I share? I'm so excited! Our advent-long devotions are all written and I finally have a title! Tara only has a few more graphics to finish. I'm reading, learning, and playing around with making it into an eBook and/or a printed book on Amazon. Wow! Me? A published author? Could this be? This was not even in my dream-house! This is all God. If Pastor had not asked me to write for the church, it would have never started. If I had not followed God's leading in my heart to keep writing, it would have never happened. If Tara had not joined me in doing graphics, it may have fizzled out without her teamwork.

They will come out every morning during advent on my blog at 6:00 a.m. Tara will have a matching post with the color page download.

Is anyone planning on joining this journey with us and maybe using her coloring pages during advent? Any ideas how to utilize them? Most are not "Christmasy" but related to my stories. I sure would love to see them used just because I want to encourage Tara. :)

Or will you just be reading?

Tara and I are also talking about (if I can make them happen on Amazon), using the $100 for a service project (like it'll make $100 lol) and sharing photos of what we do with the money. This is our gift to anyone who might read it. It's not a money making venture. We are doing this to God's glory.


Tammy said…
So excited for you!!

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