Don't Shop! Digital Bible Journaling - Love this!

The women at a local Bible study I'm attending were talking about shopping and buying things they didn't really need. We see things we just have to have and we bring them home and two weeks later, the item sits in our closet, not seeming as exciting as it had when we first saw it. Did we really need to spend the money?

It made me remember this Bible verse I've long ago learned about and reflect on from time to time.

I almost feel I cheated with Little Butterfly Wings' awesome border. I was looking for a background and plopped it on there and wa-la! It all came together. Now if I could only use the art journaling tools to make a border like that myself! Jacque's kit was perfect too! The border was in The Lilypad DSD 2014 collab I received free. To see all the credits, click to go to Flickr.

Oh, and this is SO true. This is why I just don't shop for digiSupplies! Will I regret spending money I didn't have on DSD?  I am certainly enjoying scrapping with it, but when I go to pay bills, I'm afraid of the sting.  It makes this layout a bit ironic, huh?


Maggie Adair said…
I so love this layout & what you did with this teaching. I might steal it - thanks in advance :D

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