Newsletter Notes

Hi all!  Happy November!

I have a few new things to alert you to on my blog posts.

I am doing #30daysofthanks on Instagram (and my blog) and would love for you to join me. My Instagram is here and I will follow back (be sure to see my cutest little dog on earf too).  Read more on the blog post.  I hope to do a video on how easy it is to make word graphics soon.

There are three new exclusive free downloads by others in the Digital Bible Journaling Facebook group. We have a "sheep" theme this month, although you can share an Christian work in the group.  See a preview of Tara's sheep here.  See Bernie and Patricia's previews here.

There is a new lesson 108 in Course 2.  This one is inspired by a trend in the website creating world for long flat drop shadows.  Read more on the blog post and click through to the class guide to watch the video.

Look for news in the future about an entire advent-long devotion series.  I am writing them and Tara is making the graphics with free coloring pages as our gift to you.  It is a labor of love!  If I have time, I may even try learning how to make an eBook.

See you around the digital world, because I am a digital girl!



lizanne said…
Hi Hummie... I was listening to Sara Groves 'Invisible Empires' album tonight & the song 'Miracle' (which I love) came on. I'm not sure why, but while I listened to it I thought of you... And then I was visiting Creative Busy Bee tonight, looking at what was posted, and saw a link to your blog. Anyhow those two things prompted me to leave you a message tonight. I hope things are good with you. Am sorry to hear about your sister, though... ((blessings))
anitab said…
So glad for your email today - I get so busy, I don't do some of the things I really want to do (like coming to your blog!), so I love having a reminder.

We celebrate Advent at our house - with a long log, candle for every night; I've had this log since the early 80's, when my kids were young. Now they have their own logs for their families. Anyway, I really, really, really look forward to seeing the advent items you are working on - I know they will be great!!

Hummie B said…
So happy to read your comments.

Lizanne, I had to go listen to that song and I blogged it! Thanks for sharing.

Anita, yes, miss you too. Maybe if you join one of the Facebook groups you might be reminded more often.

What a great way to celebrate advent. We used to have a wreath. I'm glad you are looking forward to them.

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