Newsletter Notes

I am learning how to record tutorials of my iPhone apps!
I plan to do a whole course from beginning to advanced and already have my course outline done.
In the meantime, I have added two new THE FUN EXTRAS for you.

1. Digital Buzz Quest for 170 Fun Extras is a conversation starter. Please come and join the conversation by leaving a comment.
Click here.

2. The Fun Extras 171 includes two tutorials to recommended apps. I believe you can get these apps in both Apple and Android.
Click here or Click here for direct link.

Please remember we are participating in a 30 Days of Thanks for the month of November on Instagram. These are the apps I am using. Also, anytime you do a layout or challenges, use the hashtag #hummiesworld so I and everyone else can find you.

3. For the Digital Bible Journaling group, we have a theme of sheep for the month of November. Freebies are exclusive in the group (as a ploy to try to get you to join us, yep, I admit it!).
Click here to see preview.

The DigiHop is coming up this weekend, so I may design something for that yet. That download will be on my blog directly. I hope you can join us in creating and sharing.


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