Nov 10 . . a Tuesday

I got up early again today and got to work right away on recording my first video tutorial of the iPhone.  I had to purchase the software and then it upgraded from the first time I played with it.  Then I had trouble getting it to recognize my phone which was really frustrating.  I tried all sorts of things and was reading helps.  I restarted my phone to no avail.  I finally restarted my laptop and then it worked!  Then I had techy problems with the software recording sound!  I worked forever trying to figure it out, testing and deleting, reading.  I finally figured out it was merely the icon that needed to be clicked.  I was looking in the drop down box next to the icon.  Grrrr.  

I had to record the video several times as the app kept crashing.  All this took much more time than it should have taken.  Finally I was able to upload it and get the html page created and share the video.  I'm done with a capital D!

Since this is the last week for the food truck due to cold weather, I decided to have it for lunch.  I tried a sandwich I had not tried before.  It was a bit spicy for me.  I was hoping they had their nachos since he mentioned last time he would have them this week, but he did not.  So I give up till next year!

It is dark when I get home from work at 5 p.m. and I do not like that.  I had a free night tonight, but I felt I had gotten enough work done today.  I even got a few more advent devotionals written.  I have 5 more to do, plus the preface.  I'm so anxious to be done writing now!

I've felt like I am not getting enough exercise lately, so I did not let the dark deter us from taking a walk. The girls need exercise too.  They are not getting it as they used to when hubby was home all day.  There are enough street lights that we felt comfortable walking.  Of course, I would never walk in the dark without hubby with me.  We stopped under the streetlight to grab a photo for blogging.

We somehow got a week behind on watching t.v. programs.  So after we cooked dinner and ate, we watched t.v. on the laptop until we were so tired we crashed.

I am having thoughts in my conscience that my writings are not good enough.  I keep thinking they are not advent/Christmas enough or do not point to Christ enough or have more story than meaning.  I cannot tell if this is the devil trying to discourage me or if this is God trying to tell me to go back and work on them more.  Maybe I am just not as good of a writer as I am hopeful I may be.  I need some confirmation.

We learned tonight of our friend's passing away.  My jaw was literally dropped in shock.  I saw it on Facebook first and then I called my friend, the wife, and left a message and then I called another friend to get details.  We were watching t.v. when I saw it and our whole world stopped as we sat in shock.  This was a new friend who was one who had come to my home for a small group and who we've participated in a couple's marriage small group.  Her husband who was in the couple's group with us passed away of a heart attack.  They were very much committed to this marriage encounter weekend and they had just finished presenting.  They were at a hotel in St. Louis when he had a heart attack around 2 a.m.  At the hospital, the last thing he said to her was "I love you."  For a couple who always celebrated marriage and mentored others in marriage, I found God saying Amen.


Dawn said…
You are a great writer! I mean... you've been doing it for years on your blog! I'm sure you're doing great with this, too! :) Stop being so hard on yourself, missy!
Hummie B said…
Yes, Ma'am, but since you are an author on this blog, you can see them. Maybe read them for me and see what you think. I'll text you.
Tammy said…
You're a great writer.

So sorry for the loss of your friend. :(

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