Nov 11 . . . a Wednesday

Today is Veterans Day and my Facebook wall is full of photos of veterans moreso than ever before.  In previous years I was one of the few that posted photos and I thought people might think I was odd, but apparently they have all followed suit and it is now a trend.

Today I recorded a second video before work on another typography app.  I was excited to have it done and uploaded and the creator of the app even saw my video right away and posted!  How cool is that!  However, after I uploaded, I watched the video and discovered that it was messed up during the last quarter of it.  Sigh.  Now all those views I had already gained would not count towards ad algorithms because I would have to re-do it and re-post it and those people who already viewed it probably would not view it again.  Plus it was just a waste of my time to have to try to pull it into another program and splice and move it around to sync the audio, removing the areas of white blank graphics.  It took my lunch hour to get it all fixed.

This is the only photo I took this day.  Sigh.  I guess I'm just busy and boring right now.  The phones have been messed up at work for at least two months.  They are so loud I have felt that my hearing is now damaged in my left ear.  I'm enduring some stressful situations.  Yesterday I had the idea to put cotton ball in my ear before picking up the phone and I wonder why I did not think of this long ago.  It is working fairly well for its purpose.  I hope they can get the phone volume fixed soon.

It was raining and when I left from work I enjoyed the smell of the rain.

After work I called HP again.  The last representative I spoke to a week ago who had tried to fix it remotely for over two hours had told me she was escalating the case and that I would get a call in a day or two, and she would email me my case number.  None of that happened.

This lady worked an hour remotely and she was able to get my photo paper tray to print, but now I have three icons for the same printer, so it is rigged up really strangely.  It seems one is used for the printer software, another specifically for the photo tray, and the other merely to install a print driver to get the second one to work.  Really weird.  At least it is printing now.  However, if my computer crashes, will I be able to rig it the same?

Wednesday is cleaning job evening.

We were able to watch live t.v. at to watch Survivor on the night it aired.  We had popcorn for supper.  I've not been eating well and I can tell.


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