Nov 14 . . .a Saturday

I was excited to finish writing the advent devotionals this morning.  I began working on the introduction page for the book and thinking on the title, but I only got so far and was stuck.

Time got away from me, as always while I work, and I had to rush to get a shower so we could make it to the funeral home for our friend Jim who was laid to rest.  These are the hug-iest people!  There was a long line as they hugged and cried with each person they met.  So difficult.

We went home and made lunch and then worked on the stack of paperwork that had grown.  I really enjoyed doing this outside in the crisp Fall air and sunshine.  Where does all this stuff come from?  Most of it gets thrown away, but there are some things I need to give more attention to.

The funeral was at 2:22 (2 Samuel 22:2) and my car clock which is set fast ahead, turned 2:22 as we pulled into the parking lot, so I snapped this photo.  It was a nice service.

I see my hand and wedding ring in this photo now.  How appropriate is that!  Since this couple celebrated marriage, it is very fitting.

We did some more paperwork and then went grocery shopping.  We were getting very low on things.  Why does grocery shopping seem to take up so much time?


Tammy said…
How cool about the photo!

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