Nov 15 . . . a Sunday

Today is our middle son's birthday and also the one year anniversary of the funeral of our granddaughter, so it is a happy sentimental sappy day and just a plan 'ol sad sappy day.

I realized it was the Digihop day, so I spent my morning hours creating a freebie.  I feel bad for not finding time to participate myself and for sharing the last freebies only in Facebook to promote those groups.  I'm not really sure why I care about these things.  Am I falling into the same trap as before?  Caring too much about perceived wants of readers?

After small group, hubby and I baked a cake for our son.  It had been so long since we had backed a cake for a birthday.  I wanted to do something from our heart this time rather than just buying a Dairy Queen cake.  Hubby had insisted on chocolate icing on a chocolate cake.  We both worked on the cake together which was nice quality time.  While it baked we did more paperwork stuff at the table.  We both iced it too.

Our son is working nights, so we have plans at 5 or 6 for dinner.

During Bible study while my mind was not thinking at all about the title for my book, a lightening bolt moment happened.  I knew what channel I had to think down.  So I spent some time thinking and brain storming until I finally figure out the title.  I was excited as it all seemed to fall into place and I was able to finish writing the introduction to the advent devotions.

At 6:04 I texted him and woke him up.  He said he would get a shower and be ready around 7 p.m.  then he wrote back that we would have to do it another day because he was going to bed and "goodnight."  Well, that sort of blew our surprise of a cake and gift!  We decided to make dinner at home and go over when we knew he would be awake getting ready for work, even though he told us not to come.  I could not let the cake set for a few days because it does not taste so good after a few days of drying out.

This is a photo of Miss Tizzy as she was confused when we got up from watching t.v. on the laptop to leave at 9 p.m.

This is a photo of the finished cake as we took it over.  We were going to add candles and sing, but the whole plan seemed to be a wash.  This is the sort of stuff that always happens to me with my four men, which is why I give up trying sometimes.  We did get to see him briefly and left him the cake while he was eating a bowl of cereal.  Hopefully someone eats it.  I hope we get to see him in a few days on his day off.  Time will tell.


Tammy said…
Happy birthday to your boy and that cake looks YUMMY!!!!!!

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