Nov 16 . . . a Monday

I woke up this morning excited about the idea that I might actually become a published author, something that I had never dreamed of before. I read more online to figure out how to self-publish and I downloaded a program only to figure out that was not the right route for me.  I started reading the book I had gotten for free on Amazon.  I started the Word document and transferring text and photos into it, following carefully the instructions for formatting and creating a table of contents.  Tara is working on the doodles so quickly and she is right behind me.  I am so blessed and impressed! 

I worked on it some more over my lunch hour.

After work I went to get a haircut and a lot of my perm that I got in August was cut off.  I shall look very different again.

I came home and changed into my nightgown as the rain was coming in when hubby reminded me I had the cleaning job.  Ack.  I had to get dressed again and go clean.

We watched a little t.v. and then I worked on adding the rest of the text and the graphics to the Word document for publishing.  I began going through it for formatting errors and any grammar errors that Word was showing me.  It was late before I went to bed.


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