Nov 17 . . . a Tuesday

I woke to some heavy rain and Miss Tizzy was concerned and came to snuggle me for comfort.  That was nice.  I could not get going this morning.  I'm getting old I guess.  Some days I get going early and strong and other days I'm stumbling.  I did manage to get up and catch up on the blogging for the last three days.  I guess that is something.  It is so dreary and cold outside too.  I need to find something to be thankful for in the midst of the bad looking day.

..... and now it is Saturday and although I started the day off well writing as the day was happening, this happened.  I'm now days behind.

It was a rainy day but I was determined to find something to be thankful for.  This leaf caught my eye and I felt thankful for wet leaves dripping with rain.  There is beauty in all nature if you just look.

I tried to take a photo of the leaf stuck in front of my face as I was driving but I drove on the wrong side of the road and the camera did not focus on the leaf and the driver behind me thought I was drunk.

Do you think we might miss the storms today?  They sure are coming!
I had lunch with my son.  We were supposed to meet as a family tonight for dinner for his birthday meal, the meal we were supposed to have on Sunday, but he texted that he would be asleep after 5, so even though hubby could not come, we went ahead and met for lunch.  He choose Firehouse Subs and I had to laugh because as I was sending him a long list of restaurant choices we could go to, I thought he would choose a sub place and he sure did!  We did have a nice lunch together and I'm left wanting to meet him for lunch more often.

I picked up this smooshed broom from the parking lot at work to throw it away.  How many cars had to drive over this before the metal became this flat?  I thought it was interesting.

Hubby called to say that when he got home we had water pooling in the basement. The sump pump had gone out.  Sigh. With the rain coming in together we had to get it fixed quickly.  Hubby never listens to me and that makes me frustrated.  I told him to call a handyman that could fix both the light over the sink and the sump pump, both easy jobs I could almost fix myself, and he calls the most expensive plumber in town instead.  He ended up making several trips and installed a temporary one.  Now, I know if he can bring a final one tomorrow from the shop, he could have brought one today, but we are be bamboozled so they can charge us more money.  Hubby said he was going to even make a metal top for over the hole.  Now why do we need that when we haven't had one for 30 years?  Why would we pay for something that just will cause a mess with water pooling around it.  Hubby fell for the upselling.  He did not listen to me and save a service call by calling one person.  Instead, we are now paying for an EXTRA service call because this guy is coming twice. This is the way I spend my life it seems, with someone who has no common sense and pretends he knows everything.

I'm done with my rant.

Oh, and the bill was $500.  So not right.  How do we pay for this now?


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