Nov 18 . . . a Wednesday

I have been working really hard the last few days trying to get my eBook published.  The formatting in Word and setting up a publisher account and all the little details to learn has been a huge learning curve.  I am thankful for the instructions on the web that I can soak in to learn.
Dawn and Tammy are proofreading the book for me and so I continue to tweak it and make changes as information comes in.  I am thankful for proofreaders today. Dawn sent me this image of her working.

God put it on Tara's heart to change some of the graphics so that some of the skin was darker and I thought that was a great idea, so at the last minute we are changing out some of the graphics too.
I was so tickled to be able to see what the book would look like in the various devices and actually get a glimpse of the final product.  I spent the whole day (outside of working at work) tweaking things in the Word document, converting, zipping, re-uploading, looking again, and back to the beginning.

Of course, there was the cleaning job too.

We were supposed to take the international students to Lamberts today (4 of them), but they backed out on us saying the storms yesterday caused some wi-fit and internet outages and that they had school work to catch up on.

My head hurts.


Tammy said…
You both have done a fantastic job. :)

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