Nov 2 . . . a Monday

Today and this week are a difficult time for us.  It is our granddaughter's 6 day journey to heaven.  She was born today one year ago.

I mailed this to my 3 year old granddaughter today.  I pray it is received warmly and that they find it a wonderful way to help a 3 year old to understand this difficult time.

I worked on the layout for the new Course 2 lesson today.  I started it yesterday.  I did not have time to do the video as I think it will take me a while to do.  I plan on doing it in the evening.

However, in the evening, I found Miss Tizzy's outfit had arrived!  I was so excited and did not have time to work on the video.

I checked the tracking information late in the afternoon and saw a deliver attempt had been made.  I was so disappointed!  Hubby got home and found the yellow slip and he was such a great husband to go down to the post office to see if the mailman had gotten back yet.  He was told it would be available after 10 a.m. tomorrow.  Yikes!  I don't want to wait that long!  

Hubby said he was going to go to pick up milk before he went home and I quickly texted back, "no! go home! what if the mailman comes back!"  I really did not believe he would come back, but I did not want to take the chance.  

So hubby went home and guess what?! The mailman came back!  It is officially love on mailman day!  I was so happy and I could not wait to get back home!  It is not like I buy things that often, so I am as excited as if it were Christmas as a little girl.

This is what it looked like out of the mail envelope.

Isn't the washi tape cute?!!  Extras were added on the outside with washi tape and it made my experience so much more fun.

There was a note in Japanese which I could not read, but it was fun to see a personal note regardless.  Then there was this bit of origami for me.
Then there was this handmade soap.

Miss Tizzy is so cute!  I have to wait until tomorrow to get better photos with the daylight, but she kept looking at me because she was confused because I could not stop looking at her and all her cuteness.  Ria was jealous and we got out a Fall scarf and put it on her, but she could tell the difference.  She kept getting in my lap demanding attention.  Ria noticed I was looking at Tizzy so much and not her.

Unfortunately, the legs are a little long.  It was sewn to perfection based on our measurements, but it is so hard to measure.  For example, we measured her back as 8 inches with her head up and 10 inches with her down.  So which do you choose?  We measured her legs as 8 inches straight to floor and 9 when you measure her leg as it stretches to the side.  Which do you choose?

I think the material is stretching some too.  So I took it off of her and I made folds in the legs and quickly and loosely stitched them as tucks in the fabric.  Um, no time to work on my class lesson I was going to do!

Overall I think this is the best sewing for Miss Tizzy.  The underneath has a pocket for her chest and elastic all around the chest and the legs.  It's a wonderful perfect idea and something I cannot sew.

There was the cleaning job.  With the time change, I am not happy that it is now dark when I get home, which means it is dark with I clean.

It was late by the time I sat down to eat supper and I was so hungry that I had developed a headache.  I was going on some yogurt and blueberries for lunch the entire day.


Tara D said…
Oh My. Crying again :( That was such a sweet and beautiful letter to send to your granddaughter (HUGS). And for the record, that outfit for Tizzy is adorable!
Dawn said…
I too pray that the letter and coloring pages are warmly accepted. Tara sure has some amazing talent!!

I LOVE Tizzy's outfit!!!!
Tammy said…
Beautiful, heartfelt letter, Hummie!! I'm sending you many, many hugs and lots and lots of love!!!

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