Nov 20 . . . a Friday

I had my Word document for the paperback book complete, but I spent the whole morning working on merely converting it to .pdf and uploading it.  I was super excited to see what it looked like as a paperback book in the previewer.   However, it kept telling me that there were errors, mostly in that the images were not at least 300 dpi, which I knew they were.  I discovered the problem was in the conversion to .pdf before uploading.  There is an instruction post, but then the comments below revealed that the instructions might not be the best and that the converting to .pdf was the most difficult part of the entire process.  Ack!  Was that true!  I spent hours testing different settings in the options in the .pdf and I had no idea there were so many options available! One important option was to click to not downsize images.  Eventually, I went back and inserted every original image (rather than the lower size ones necessary for an eBook) into the Word document (time consuming) and eventually I changed it to the right option for converting, and it accepted my book without any errors, just moments before I was to have to get ready for work.

At lunch time I began reading instructions and looking at details for making the cover for the book.  I had it nearly complete by the time I had to go back to work.

It was a rough day at work and I had an immense headache from all the detailed reading and analyzing I had done.  I was in a pinball machine (as I often say) bouncing back and forth between projects, seeming to never complete one.

This is the first Friday hubby has been home in a long time.  There is a football game he has to work tomorrow, instead of tonight.  I am excited Cape Central is in the playoffs though!

We were finally able to visit the Friday night activity at Tim and Heidi's house that they started as a ministry.  I found this tub of upside down washed beer bottles to be artistic, so I took a photo.  They have the best pizza every Friday night, wine, beer, and other snacks, with merely a time for fellowship.  I love this idea.  I think more people should be doing this.

I found a book in a chair and picked it up and discovered some turned edges to bookmark pages.  It discussed our heritage in that the home was the place for hospitality and growing together as Christians and connecting.

Here is another page I snapped a photo of to read again.

I am not as comfortable around adults as I am around children and I ended up purposefully sitting on the ground and drawing in the children to play with me.  I had a grand 'ol time!  I miss having time with children.  At one point Heidi suggested I get away from the children and enjoy some adult time (maybe it was a clue we were making too much noise!) and I was content and happy with the children.  She later suggested I pray about teaching Sunday School.  That is a difficult spot for me with a lot of pain and the tears started to well in my eyes and I tried holding them back.  I started teaching Sunday School at age 16 and thought I would do it my entire life until someone messed it up for me and others judged me and it ended and I still have a lot of pain over those times.

As you can see, eventually hubby got into the act and started having fun with the children too.


Tammy said…
I'd rather be with children than adults most of the time. :D

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