Nov 21 . . . a Saturday

Hubby had to work the football game today so I had the house to myself.  Just me and my dogs.  He got out his old hat to wear and then changed his mind and did not wear it.

I spent the entire morning in bed!  I was working on getting the paperback book ready.  I finally submitted it for review and then had to wait.  

Then I began working on the website for the book.  Finally it began to come together and I was thankful.  That was such a struggle.  Now I just need to decide on content for the page since I have the base laid out.

I decided to take a nice long bath in the afternoon.  That was nice!  I was enjoying the quiet of my house so much.  It has been a while since I've had a day like this.  

I thought the lid of the sugar cube container was pretty in the light while I was watching t.v. with hubby.  My book came back from review in the evening and the book cover cut off Tara's name.  Ack!  I hurried to re-do it and uploaded it again.  Now to wait again.

I really wanted the proof copies before I travel, but it is looking more and more like I won't get them.


Tammy said…
I like how you captured the light!

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