Nov 22 . . . a Sunday

I did a Digital Bible Journaling page, or actually finished it from yesterday, first thing in the morning.

I got the paperback book review back and it look great.  I was flipping through the review one last time and then noticed an error in the last image!  Ack!  I had to re-do it all again and submit for a review.  This sure is a test on my patience.

I enjoyed the sermon and small group.  The Teen Challenge guys were there and I always love hearing them sing and talking with them.  I got my "blessing bag" that the church has put together.  It was on someone's heart and she prepared one for every church member to keep in their car.  Now when I see a homeless person, I can have a bag to give him or her.  Kind of cool, huh?

After church I worked for a while cleaning up my laptop.  I printed all the DBJ's I had made since the last time and I moved them to my EHD's, along with some other files.  I put a bunch of Tara's doodles on a file using Photoshop and printed them on vellum to use during down time while traveling.  I'll have to figure out which verses they go with though!

We had a lot of phone calls with hubby's siblings.  Drama.  Yeah.  That's all I'm going to say about that online.

At 3 p.m. we went to small group, but we were the only ones to show up.  It is really sad.  The couple who ran the marriage encounter group are no longer a couple as he passed away recently.  It seems the group will now die with him and I feel so bad for her.  I know it hurts seeing the group that was so much a part of their lives to die with him.  She can no longer come because she is no longer a couple.

So in honor of them, we decided to sit and do our own 10 and 10, as we always do during the Love Circle time, and we ate the popcorn we brought, which is something we brought often as our contribution to the snacks.

I sent her this photo via text and she felt the hugs and the love and that made me happy in what we were doing. Although it seemed silly, it was far from silly.  My heart just ached for her.

Miss Tizzy was shivering cold when we got home so I put on her clothes and covered her up.  She's just so cute!  We watched t.v. and made dinner.

I had just turned off my laptop when the email came in that the review of the book was done.  I decided to let it go until morning.


Tammy said…
You're a caring woman, lady!

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