Nov 23 . . . a Monday

I am writing this a week later in hopes to catch up with my blogging, but of course will have trouble remembering what I did each day.  That is why I blog them to begin with!  What a week I've had.  I am thankful for back to normal.

On this day I worked more on the paperback book.  The proof finally looked good, so I clicked to okay the proof, thinking that it would give me a next screen to order a hands-on proof to be mailed (that I would have to pay for), but instead it gave me a popup screen that the book would be on createspace now and in the Amazon store in 2 to 3 days.

However, I was working and needed a link to the paperback book and I searched the store and there was the paperback too! Wow!  Within a few minutes it was on the Amazon store for order too!

So I ordered several copies of the book and I just have to hope it is all okay.

My stomach was all messed up on this day and I felt constipated.  I could not imagine driving with it all kinked up, so I took some laxatives.  Ouch!  Within two hours my belly was all a mess with painful bowel movements and farting. I started burping too!  It lasted hours and I did feel better when done, but it sure was something to go through!  I was glad that I got my cleaning job done before the movements started.


Tammy said…
Hugs on the tummy issues. My Mom has those a lot.

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