Nov 24 . . . a Tuesday

I made an arrow prayer and graphic today before work.  I've worked so hard on the book that I cannot seem to shift gears to do much else for one day before we travel.

This will be my last day at work for a week, so I am anxious for the work day to be done.

After work, we really wanted to pack, but we were so tired.  I forget what we did in the evening, now that I write this a week later.  I know we did some preparation for leaving.  Oh yeah!  Our neighbor came by so we could go through the dog sitting routine and then we went to the dog store to stock up on dog food, and to get gas.  I had to run back up to work to get my tea kettle to take with us.  It seemed the evening go away from us and we were too tired to pack, so we went to bed early.


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