Nov 27 . . .a Friday

We took our time to get going in the morning in the hotel room.  I needed a break and more down time.  We ended up missing the free breakfast.  Oh well, I had my tea.  We left right at 11 a.m. when we had to get out of the room and began driving to hubby's sister's house.  We tried to do it without the map directions on the phone and just by looking at the map itself to try to avoid the toll roads, but we were unsuccessful.  Then for all our efforts, it kept trying to take us to the toll road anyway, even though we were so close!  I do not like big cities at all.

When we arrived, they were baffled that the others were not with us and we were caught immediately explaining the situation.  We did not get very far before we were invited to stay at their house and I felt a huge relief.  I felt as if they actually understood (my brother-in-law indicated he is treated the same way and knows exactly how I feel and that the two of them are borderline also.)  I felt much more comfortable.  I did not care where we would sleep, even if on the couch.   I did announce when hubby's twin came over later that I was going to go to the patio and hide.  They seemed okay with that.  I did not want to ruin this special time with any raw discussions between us two.
After I had some Thanksgiving leftovers around 1 p.m., I sat down at the table to put the Digital Bible Journaling pages I had printed before leaving into my journaling Bible.  Our nephew and his wife were the first to arrive and they sat down with me at the table and I showed Molly what I was doing and she colored with me the above image and put it in the Bible.  Now ever time I see it I can think of her!

My son posted a photo of himself on Facebook and it is the first activity I've seen in a long time and I was one happy mom!  I get the sense that he is finally recovering from the backup with his long-time girlfriend.

While we were coloring, hubby's twin and wife came in and he came over to the table and I never looked up.  I am keeping the peace and avoiding confrontation.  When we were done coloring, I made my way to the patio.  I am in love with this patio!  We ended up sleeping on the futon on the patio and the hum of the heater helped me sleep.  This was my get-a-away hiding spot and it was my favorite spot in the house, so I was okay with my quiet time. I had internet too!  I worked on more margin strips for the advent devotionals and did a little catching up online.

In the evening after everyone had left, I retreated to the patio once again for some quiet time with a glass of wine.


Tammy said…
Nice to see your boy and that patio is amazing!

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