Nov 28 ... a Saturday

This waking up at 4 a.m. is for the birds!  I got up and took an early shower and then hung around until others were ready.  We had plans for the day and when we went to leave, we encountered a surprise!  The next door neighbors have two grown sons that are home for the holiday and apparently they get drunk and cause a ruckus with fighting and loud noises every time they come home.  We had already spotted and talked about the car that ended up in the field behind their houses, but when they went to leave, the police had also spotted it and was blocking the driveway.  One of the police had driven out in the field and got stuck in the mud.  Oh, the excitement.

We went to a new HUGE store called Nebraska Warehouse because it was just that huge we had to see it.  Hubby found a message chair and sat it in for a while.  He wanted one, of course!

We saw these chairs and ottomans and thought they were comfortable and might take up less space in a living room rather than a recliner.  I liked the idea at first, but then changed my mind.  I like putting my feet all the way up above my head.

My retro goofball.  Grin.

I did not understand these t.v.'s.  You can play a different station on each side of the t.v.  Wouldn't the noise from the sound on the other side mess you up and why would you want to separate the view of your company on the other side?

We went back home to pick up the others and went to a Mexican Restaurant called Rosa's to eat.  They make soft tortillas fresh daily.  Then we went to visit our niece's house and we are so proud of her and her husband.  They have a beautiful home.  They have two dogs.  This huge dog is part wolf!  He was friendly though.

I tried to get a photo of the other dog going between my legs, but of course when I take out my camera, he doesn't do as he was.  Murphy's law, huh?  So he was funny in that he would go between our legs and stop with his tail sticking out in front of us.  Then he would turn around and come back through our legs.  He was as tall as my crouch!  lol  It was so cute.

My friend wrote and made this and my sister-in-law has it on her wall in her home.  One of these days I'm going to get my friend to make me one!

My neighbor sent more photos of the girls so I would know they are okay.  Miss Tizzy getting ready to get a snack.

Ria choosing her snack.

In the evening company came again and I went to hide on the patio again to keep the peace and avoid confrontation.  It is such a difficult thing.  Everything is fine except when he comes.  They took some more group photos while I was pretending to take a nap.  I was tired and ended up going to bed early.


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