Nov 30 . . . a Monday

I had the day off work to recuperate.  I got up early and started working, but I'm not sure where my morning went.  I got out the next margin strip and newsletter.  I worked for a while catching up on personal blog posts which were a week behind.  That is time consuming.  Then I got side-tracked in paying bills. That is time consuming. 

The girls were having snuggle wars too.  It was so cute and adorable the way the competed for my snuggles.  They get jealous of each other.  They sure did miss me.

Finally, I gave up and went to take a relaxing bath.

Hubby sent me this photo that makes us smile as our school has Jesus right up on the cafeteria wall.  I never understand how they get away with have Christianity in our schools so much, but I am thankful they do.  I've wondered this the entire years our children were in school.

In unpacking my tea, the boxes had gotten wet and so I put the tea bags in a creamer container.  Then I realized they were Christmas colors.  How fun is that!  It was our first Christmas decorating.

When hubby got home he ran to get a haircut and then we undecorated the Fall/Thanksgiving theme around the house and put some Christmas blankets and pillows out.  It was a start.  Hubby's brother visited for a short visit and gifted us with a bottle of wine and some special shampoo for hubby's scalp.

I was still decompressing from the very stressful week and ended up zoning out in front of the t.v.  I should be allowed on a vacation day.  Except I did have to get up and go out to do the cleaning job.  Never a break.


Tammy said…
My man and I were talking about how so many Christians get all huffy at this time of the year about how the world is taking Christ out of Christmas. We just happened to be at JCPenney to look for a dress and Christmas music was playing. It was Toby Mac and a while later I heard Rend Collective. The gospel itself is being piped through the stores November and December. We need to be thankful and keep our mouths shut before the world catches on to it!!! :)

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