Nov 4 . . . a Wednesday

I went to bed at 11:30 PM and I woke around 4 AM. I am going to be tired today. I don't know why I couldn't get sleep.

I got to work right away on finishing my project of editing baby photos. It took up all my morning time, but I'm glad to be done.
This is the photo I took to communicate with the sewing ladies how much I had to take up the legs. It is loose stitching. I think I'm going to have to actually cut the legs and sew them. I had asked hubby to wash it to get the dirt out from when it went under her foot when she went outside. He did wash it but he brought it back up still dirty and now the dirt is heat dried into it. I will have to wash it again before I can do anything. I'm wondering if washing it will make it shrink and fit better. That would be wonderful.
I put this little color chart together from three photos I grabbed from my iPhone search for teal. It is amazing what I can do with my phone. This is the color I would like to have in Tizzy's next clothes.

I had put this in my cart at Etsy or year ago and kept hesitating not to spend money. But every time I go to Etsy to talk about the dog clothes I see it. So I finally ordered it. It came today. It is like Christmas getting all these new things. I cannot remember the last time I got so many new things. We normally just shop for food and cleaning supplies.

Isn't it cute on my mug?  I have not had the time to try it out yet. I am sharing a photo that hubby took. He kept testing it on different mugs until he found one that worked. He sent photos of "model mugs."  This is called a "cup cozy."  It is something purely for personal enjoyment.

At lunchtime I ended up playing with one more photo that I saw needed fixing a little more. Then I tried printing again. I had tried printing before work. I cannot get my printer to print from the photo tray. Even when it is selected as the photo tray it prints from the letter paper tray. I begin uninstalling and reinstalling the printer software again. I searched all over the Internet. I even have problems with Windows 10 not doing updates for the printer and failing. It is been this way since I updated to Windows 10. It is very frustrating.

 After work I continued the work on the printer that I left at lunch time. I eventually called HP. The representative wanted access to my computer and I watched her work doing the same things I have already done for over an hour. I was patient. Hubby made dinner and brought it to me. Finally she declared it was "a glitch "and that she would have to get a person with more skills to look at it and call me back in a few days.  I thought that was odd. What if I am not available when the person calls back. She said she would send me the ID number of my case by email, and I never received it.

So here I have spent all this time today wasted trying to get my printer to work. I hate when this type of stuff happens. At least I am not having to pay for it. My printer is still under warranty.

All this made me late to go to the cleaning job. I was so tired. By the time I got home we watched a little TV on the laptop but I kept falling asleep.


Dawn said…
I find it ironic that you had to call tech support that day, cause I had to call Microsoft! I was having problems with the preview and details panes being grayed out and not accessible on file explorer.

My one big gripe about my iphone is that it does not name the file by date. My android phone always started the file name with the date. I miss that. But I do love the actual camera on the iPhone over android. I just need to find a solution for the naming issue.
Dawn said…
Oh... the tech guy "Paulo" that I talked to remotely controlled my computer and did all the things I tried also. He said it was a glitch too. How weird!

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