Nov 5 . . a Thursday

I feel much better this morning. I still woke up at 2:30 AM for a short bit and then I slept again until 6:30 AM when my alarm went off. I only woke briefly when hubby's alarm went off at 4:45 AM.

 I could not get rolling though. I started by laying in bed and creating my thankful graphic for yesterday. Then I blogged yesterday from my phone. Ria is being strangely snugly around my face. I don't know why she is awake so early and trying to tell me something. I let her out but she continues to try to tell me something. Maybe she is hungry early.

It is now almost 7:30 AM and I only have a half hour or less to get something done on my computer. I don't think it's happening.

Hubby mowed the lawn last night and now I can see the grass is beginning to turn brown.  We are expecting rain and I am hopeful the rain will wash away the leaves in the driveway.

I did this on my phone while I ate lunch at put it on Instagram.  I thought it was cute.  I am amazed that this toy, which was Ria's first toy, is still around and still one of their most loved toys.

I noticed the tree in the neighbor's yard was a pretty yellow and the leaves had fallen into our backyard.  I went to stand to take a photo of my feet.  These are my new shoes I'm not ever sure I shared.  I'm not crazy about them, but at least they are the right size and I have something new to wear to work after two years wearing the other shoes.  These require nylons though and I do not like putting them on in the mornings.

After work we had dinner out with hubby's brother to plan for our upcoming trip to visit their sister with cancer.  Such a difficult time for us.  I am looking forward to going to Texas, but then again, I am not either.  It is hard knowing it most likely will be the last time we ever see her alive.  I really want this to be a good time of memories and not a sad time, but only God knows what our time will hold for us.  His brother bought us dinner as he recently starting getting his military retirement as extra income.  That was nice of him and unexpected.

The rain came in and it rained long and hard all night.  The temps are dropping.  It has been warmer all week causing tornado watches with this line of fronts.  We were thankful when the severity of the watches diminished.


Tammy said…
Dinner looks yummy!

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