Nov 6 . . . a Friday

I got up really early today and began working on a "sheep" themed freebie. I do not like designing very much, but I like giving a lot.  I like seeing what others do with it too.  It is all a blessing in a circle, so I push myself.  I am six days behind in getting it out for my own personal goal, but all is still good.  It took many hours and all my morning time, but I am glad to get that off my to-do list.

Getting ready for work I appreciated the small bowl of autumn on my bathroom sink.  Small things bring me such great joy.

This is a shot of some decorations on the shelf in the living room.  I have a few more Halloween decorations, not many, and I am taking them down.  I need to re-arrange the others to last through November.
I'm now writing this a few days later and I forgot what I did with the day.  After work, hubby had to work and he sent me this photo before the championship game that our school won.

So I was alone for the evening, but I was sad.  The designer who I was on for my first creative team judged me today and booted me from the team.  There were several sets of email communications.  Rejection never gets easier.  Being judged for something you did not do and being judged falsely never gets easier either.  Some people have twisted minds and let their minds go into imagining things that are not there.  I'm so miffed I want to shout to the world to not ever buy from her again, but that would not be a right thing to do, so I am really struggling with my anger. I want to write the whole thing out here on this blog post and I've prayed about it and am refraining from doing so.  I will even be deleting all those emails and just moving on.

I was blessed to be able to dig out a Digital Bible Journaling page about rejection and read it again.  I know God never rejects me and I am hanging onto His love and I know He can work all things for good.  

I am reminded that the things I do on this website and the internet are a ministry to me and I can see how her focus of being a business first has misguided her.  I never want to be misguided in such a way and I pray that God help keep my focus on a ministry.  I am reminded of the prayer I prayed a long time ago and the answer I received before I ever started doing any of this.  It is good for me to refocus on that answer of this as a "ministry" from time to time.  God is first in all things.

After work I went to the store to buy new sheets as the ones we have are getting holes and are stretch so much they do not lay nice and crisp.  My legs stick to them and I get woke up while trying to turn over in the middle of the night.  I also need some nylons for my new shoes require them.

The sunset was gorgeous!  Wow!  I saw several people taking the same photo from different locations, with my hubby even sending me one from where he was at.  It was indescribable.
I spotted this chair on clearance and I had been looking for one for the guest bedroom.  It was such a great price and was so fitting for the room I couldn't resist getting it. It was not in my plans, but I am excited.  The price was too right to pass up.

I spotted this at Target and it made me think of my nephew, so I took a selfiie with it and texted it.  A short while later I got a selfie back with him with the ninja turtle. How fun is that!  He happened to go to the same store a short while after I did.  I sure did need a smile today!  

I ended up finding a deal at Kohls for the sheets and was excited to have saved money after just spending money I did not intend on spending so the difference was not so bad.

Target and Kohls did not have knee-high nylons! What!  How crazy!  So I had to got to Walmart to get them.  Ack!  I did not need to see this sign.  

Then I went to the food truck and took food home.  It was my second time eating at the food truck.  Although the portions are small for the price, the taste is amazing for the price.  This photo does not make it look like it tasted at all.

Facebook seemed down after I got home. I ended up watching t.v. for a while until hubby got home.  I went to bed early as I was physically and emotionally tired.


Tammy said…
Gorgeous sunset!!

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