Nov 7 . . . a Saturday

Ahhhh!  What a nice Saturday!  I stayed in bed all morning and it took me almost all morning to do my Bible study on the first verse for sheep.  Where did the time go?  Did I do anything else? Well, it was DSD, so there was going through a ton of emails and chatting in the Facebook group.

For lunch we made some chicken and some spaghetti noodles.  I wanted a white sauce to match the chicken and made a cheese sauce that was delicious!  I put some tomato on top of mine and added some olives to the side that I had to eat up before they went bad.  I also cut up some fresh basil from my plant on the kitchen table and added it to the dish.

We ate lunch outside and I was enjoying my tea with my cozy cup holder.  The weather was nice.  It was a little cool, so I needed a blanket on my legs because I was wearing shorts.  Silly me.

So I went shopping for DSD.  It always takes forever to look at each and every product and choose carefully to be wise with money.

Hubby brought out what was left of a bag of chips to spoil me even further (oh, my comfort food is not good for me!) and he found me a heart and gave it to me!  Of course, it made for fun conversations of FB and we all were laughing.  Hubby was posting in the group too.  He's such a supportive husband.  I'm sure others are jealous!

Hubby spotted this on the wall behind me on the patio.  Fun, huh!?!

Around 5 p.m. it was getting cold and we decided to go inside.

We tossed around going to visit our son, but then again, we really wanted to stay home.

We ended up going to visit him and I am glad that we did.  I had not seen him in at least a month, although hubby saw him at the gas station one day.  He'd gotten bad about returning my texts.

We decided to go to the mall because we needed to shop for our great niece's birthday gift.  We had a grand 'ol time together!  It had been forever since we went window shopping and just walking around at the mall.  We gave each other one of these boards.  Mine should say "potato chips, wine, and cheese."  lol

This one really made us laugh too!

We found a gift of a children's cookbook in the book store.  We had considered so many things for the gift, but I am really happy with my mind seeing mother and daughter's cooking together and our great-niece reading the recipes and begging mom to cook.  Now whether she will or not is another thing.

We decided to eat dinner at the Mexican restaurant in the mall because we had never been there before.  So we decided to continue our date night together with dinner impromptu.  I had the frozen margarita and asked for mixed strawberry and lime as they were both on special and it came really ugly!  Ack!  Don't make that mistake again!  It tasted okay for the price.

We had "dirty fries" as our appetizer and goodness was it ugly, but it sure did taste good!  I felt it tasted very "American" though rather than "Mexican," so for some it may not be what they are looking for, but we enjoyed it.

I kept mentioning to hubby that we should split a meal as always, but could not get him to go for it.  So instead, we received these huge meals and were so stuffed by the time we were done!  I did not eat well today and I could feel it.  I must have gained 10 pounds today.


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