Nov 8 . . . a Sunday

I got up at 4 a.m. and began working on unzipping my DSD purchases, only to discover my free backup services were full.  So I got out my EHD's and began moving things to them to free up space.  This always takes up so much time.

Today is the one year anniversary of the passing of our granddaughter.  It is such a tough day.  Hubby and I watched the video of her that they played at her funeral and just sobbed together holding hands.

I could not stop crying in church either.  I had put up the layout of her before church in two groups on Facebook and on my page, linking to some blog posts.  In one group, the likes and comments just kept coming and I was sitting and watching my laptop as the notifications just kept popping up in the corner.  I peeked at church and it made me start crying again during the service.  Hubby and I kept saying that we had to stop looking, but all these notifications made me look.

I was so blessed though as I feel as if God is still using Abigail for His purposes and His kingdom in ways far greater than I can ever imagine.  I received some nice private messages also which touched my heart.  I watched how God used Abigail to witness to people last year and I'm watching it again this year and it was unfathomable that my spontaneous posting while in tears would have been utilized in such a way.  Within 2 1/2 hours there were 150 likes.  My blog stats indicated over 600 views, so many were looking, but not liking or commenting too.  Who knows what God has done!?  He can work all for good.  As I'm writing this 24 hours later, there are 325 likes.  

After small group, I worked for hours sewing Miss Tizzy's outfit by hand at the kitchen table.  I was scared cutting it.  I had thought of so many methods to sew it, hoping to use the machine, but when I started to sew, I ended up with something different than I had dreamed.  I never actually cut any material off, but just cut it in half and folded both pieces over, inserting one into the other, to sew together.
This is the stitching on one side, but I ended up stitching both sides.  I plugged my phone in to charge so I did not take more photos.  I did all four legs to make them shorter.

Then we were off to our great-nieces birthday party at the swimming pool at the rec center on campus.  I'd never seen the pool and it is really an awesome one.  I was impressed with the play area in a separate pool from the lap pool.  Great idea! There was a climbing wall where if you fell you went into the water and ropes to hold on to and swing or ride out, a volleyball net, and other things.

At the party, she had told everyone not to bring gifts and instead to bring something for some Christmas boxes for the needy.  What a great idea!

The put together four boxes and all signed papers for her to keep in remembrance.

It was a dog themed party and I guess there is a cartoon that it was based off of as I am so out of touch.

I'm not sharing all the photos, but the whole food of table had cute ideas about dog themed snacks.  My nephew's wife is so creative.  She said she got it off the internet, but still yet, not everyone can pull it all together.  I was so impressed.

It was after 6 by the time we got home and we sat down to watch some t.v.  I was up since 4 a.m. and by 7:30 p.m. I was falling asleep.  This getting up at 4 a.m. thing is something I'm struggling to adjust too.  


Tammy said…
Very clever idea about the party food!!

You were in my thoughts all day yesterday. :)

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