Nov 9 . . a Monday

No photos taken today to remind me what I did all day.

I see from my thankful image that I got a good sleep and was happy and comfy in our new sheets that were finally washed and put on the bed the night before.

I believe this was the day I worked all morning finishing the layout for the HKC devotional and writing on the HKC devotional that I promised to do as part of the team.  They are having different members write and do artwork for each day of advent and my day is Dec 3.  My due date is Thursday and I do not want to procrastinate until the last minute, so I'm jumping on it today.

I also received some more amazing images from Tara and put them up on the matching devotions for our advent-long set of devotions as our gift to the readers.

I'm still recuperating from the sadness of Sunday and Abigail's one year anniversary of her death.  That sure did take a lot out of us.

After work we made supper together and then there was the cleaning job.

You know, if I don't write these things immediately, I forget what I did on what day.  That's why I write these!


Tammy said…
I forget things, too. Sticky notes are great. LOL

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