November 13. . . A Friday

I did not sleep well at all last night. I was up often and because I was bored I was reading on my phone. It was only 39% power when I woke up. It inspired me to make a graphic.

Then I could not get rolling in the morning. Finally I was able to put in an hours work adding images to the class guides. I did it even more at lunch time. Course 2 has only about 145 images left to add and I am ready to be done with it. 

I am ready to be done writing these devotions too. I am close now with only one more to do and the introduction and the title. I can do this. It was hard to think of yet another "journey "idea for Advent devotions. I am having a mental block and struggling to write. Christmas eve and Christmas should be special writings, but I am personally spent on the random thinking of the brain.

After church I went to pick up my international student from Spain and we went to the dinner at church. They had invited the international host and families to join with eating during the charity dinner. So since I normally help serve and run myself ragged, my international student who was invited to eat ended up working beside me. The room was packed and there was not an empty seat anywhere. It was a Thanksgiving meal with turkey potatoes and dressing and rolls. There was an alternative choice for ham. Many of the international students had pumpkin pie for the first time.
Hubby had to work tonight. I had the cleaning job.  That diet Mountain Dew I drink in the afternoon is helping me get through tonight.


Tammy said…
Cute graphic!!

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