Relax, watch a few....

Ever since I lost all my favorites of things to share, I've not had a lot of "fun stuff" to share on the blog. I'm still bummed about that...I lost a lot of great finds, techy stuff as well as fun things. I found these two tonight that are interesting.

This guy uses a water bottle to do "spit art"....he's actually quite talented.

This one is a prank which is quite hilarious. 100 people form a mob and surprise people. You have to keep watching. The first one is a flop and you don't realize how funny it is until you see the others. Go back and watch the first one and watch the expressions on the mob as they see they goofed.

First shared 3/14/2007


scrapgeek said…
That guy is amazing - looks pretty dangerous to me thought with all those cars!!

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