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I decided to participate at His Kingdom Come's Take Me Deeper 52 week devotional and art program.  It is rather a great idea to combine a main challenge with sub-groups based on artistic avenues of choice.  I am in several sub-groups.

The Digital Faith Art challenge is going to utilize my technique tutorials each week as a challenge for however the devotional inspires you.  This week is to simply use the soft light blending mode.  I found an open clipart that I thought really represented me.  Yes, I always, always, always, sit cross-legged!  Even at my age!  I try to break the habit, but I find myself uncurling my legs all the time.  It is sort of a symbol of "transformation" of myself in its own way.  I used my Art Paper 12 (blending class, lesson 13,free) and cut it with the open clipart shape and applied the soft blending mode.

I am also in several other groups, such as Bible journaling, faith art journaling, and photography.  I think the first three I mention can all be considered for my above layout which I would label "digital Bible journaling of faith."  See what I mean?  I think the photography group is going to do a monthly challenge for the monthly theme.

I think this is a great way for me to be inspired by others in a community to continue my new desire to do the bible journaling pages.

These two verses, now, were amazing!  I think I could have made 4 pages out of these two verses.  The studying was amazing as I sat for hours and had to make myself stop.  I think there are books written on these two verses!


Tricia Berg said…
I love how deeply you dug in for week 1! This is going to be such a fruitful year for us all, I can tell already!
Linda McClellan said…
I'm in the Bible journaling class with you and I was reading where you talked about spending so much time studying. I'm in the same boat, I started studying those two verses yesterday morning and I finally decided I had studied it for hours and I already had my illustration in my head now I needed to start. So I got started tonight, but I really need to work on my BSF too. I've been getting your blogs for a few weeks now and enjoy them. I actually saw your recipe for the tortellini soup and pinned it, looks so good for a cold night. God bless and happy drawing and photo taking and everything you signed up for. lol I'm an over doer too and then sometimes I get myself frantic or at least frustrated. Oh well, I love the Lord and I just can't get enough of Him!
Hummie B said…
Awww!Thanks Tricia! So glad to see you on my blog! You are awesome, you know!
Hummie B said…
Linda! Your comment made me smile. I appreciate the time you spent typing a comment to me. It seems we have a lot in common. I've heard BSF is awesome and I think years ago I attended a few sessions, but I've never really done it. Maybe some day. You found that tortellini soup and pinned it! Ah! Seems I did that forever ago. Glad it is still blessing people.
Loving the Lord and not getting enough of Him is always a good thing!
Blessings to you today!

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