A New Kind of Threat

I'm surprised no one is chatting about it on my Facebook timeline, but aren't you just a tad freaked out secretly in the back of your brain that most-likely terrorists walked into BOTH Cape Girardeau (10) and Jackson's (48) Wal-marts (right here were we live) and purchased pre-paid burner cell phones? As well as Jefferson City (50), Columbia (50), Macon (32), and Lebanon (60). In Lebanon they were detained and let go and I read they were foreign speaking and Muslim. They were all purchased during the same weekend. It's not that we should panic or such as there is nothing we personally can do, but be thankful that the FBI is on it and pray. It all just makes it feel a little bit more real. Of course, I don't want to give them any credibility because fear is what they want to produce and I don't want to give it to them. hmmmm... Jefferson City is not on that map I nabbed.

I also am thinking there needs to be some kind of new law that limits the number of cell phones purchased.  Bad people force us to make all sorts of new laws.


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