Dec 10 . . . a Thursday

I bought some mints last night on a whim and I'm hoping they can help me to stop eating when hungry as I really need to loose some weight and stop this gaining streak.  My new pants do feel better and I think they are actually helping the whole of me feel better, sort of.  I mean sitting all day long at work in pants that are too tight must be what is partly messing with my belly.  Still unwinding from other anxieties is another thing.

As I came home I realized I was feeling a little less stressed and maybe finally getting a glimpse of recuperating.  It was nice pulling in the driveway and seeing the Christmas lights on on the house and the tree lights int he window.  When hubby worked nights last year the house was always dark when I got home.

My new duvet cover arrived.  I am super excited about it.  It is going to set the tone for the entire guest bedroom and I will feel I can finally move forward in getting it decorated and set up.  I bought it because it was on sale and it was the only one I could find online with the linen look I had in my mind. Plus I'm spending my anticipated Christmas bonus! I've never owned a duvet before and so this is going to be a learning experience for me as to whether or not I like it.  I still need to go out now and buy the duvet! Ah!  One step at a time.  I love how soft it feels and the texture to the eye.

It needs to be washed to get the wrinkles and lines out, but we laid it on the bed.  It goes well with the linen chair I bought.  I could have gotten the same color as the chair, but I think having them different for contrast is better.  

This material in the frame is the basis for decorating the room and it has been there for over a year and maybe two now!  Ah!  See, it has been a long time waiting to get this bed cover.  I think it goes great with the linen feel to the fabric in the frame too.

I think the next step besides pillows and blankets is going to be painting the room a nicer color than this bluish cold white.

No, this is not wine!  lol  We put some cranberry juice and a little 7-up from a can in wine glasses for dinner to make it feel special.  Crazy color against my red tablecloth.  Yikes!

This is the supplies for the set up for our annual doggy Christmas photo that we got the other day.  Of course, I'm going to move them to decorate the rest of the house for January later, so it is not just for the photo.

We got out my sled from when I was a little girl for the photo op, so now anyone who is really following the blog has a sneak peak at our theme this year.  I'm going to prop this up in the living room as decoration for December and January after we are done.

The idea was to start the set up now so we could photograph this weekend and break up the preparation work.  However, hubby was not feeling well tonight and was rather grumpy and ruining my good mood.  Sure wish I could have rubbed off on him rather than him rubbing off on me.

My really old laptop (from about 2005) has recently changed and has said it is good enough to upgrade to Windows 10.  Previously it gave me an error that the graphics card might not be adequate.  Now it says all is okay.  I'm being brave and allowing it to install, but am nervous.  What will I find when I get up in the morning?


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