Dec 13 . . a Sunday

After I did the devotional work, I had to make myself get up to go to church.  We were a little late.  Sigh.  Story of my life.  Then there was small group.

When we got home I mixed up some cheese spread and toasted some bread and had it with some tea.  I've got this headache I am fighting through and we have things to get done yet this weekend and the day is already half over.

We began sewing our gifts for our son, his wife, and daughter.  I did the cutting.

I did the sewing, of course.  Hubby helped out a lot by getting the machine out, ironing (the flat ironing, I did the seem ironing), and some pinning.  He is pinning here while I sew.  We went back and forth on all three carrying each at the same point of construction.  Ack, look at the dust on my machine in this photo!  I need to clean it.

It took us all afternoon, but here is our final results!  We really like them.  In the future, we will make just the covers and that will be easy to mail and they can change them in and out like we do.

I had some left over material, so we decided to go to the store to buy some batting and some more thread as it was almost out.  We also went to Target and picked up some other things like detergent and toilet paper and the duvet for the cover I purchased for the guest bedroom, another gift for our granddaughter, and a blanket for the guest bed.  Goodness, things sure do add up in cost!

I was exhausted and hadn't eaten much all day so we went to White Castle for dinner.  Hubby loves that place.  I just couldn't think on cooking as I had done enough for one day and it was after 7 p.m. anyway.


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