Dec 14 . . . a Monday

I did the devotional work in the morning.  I've still got this headache that won't go away.
The goal was to get the gifts in the mail by today, but because we wanted to do something with the leftover material, I had one more day to work.  You can read about my troubles trying to get one or two of the mats done during my lunch hour on this post.  This is where I sat it down when I gave up to go back to work!  Ack!
So after work I got them all sewed and hubby helped by turning them right side out for me which was a task in and of itself.  lol  It sure did save me some time.  I am not sure what they can use them for.  I thought about doing small coaster size, but I'm running short on time, so I just did the size that they were cut while cutting the pillow cover material off.  I think they can use them as pot holders, hot pads, on a shelf for trinkets, under a vase, to lay their silverware next to the plate, or even for a small plate as a placemat, or even as a coaster that is large and extravagant.  They can also be used as doll pillows or with doll cooking toys.  

Then I went to do the cleaning job and when I returned, I wrapped the gifts and wrote letters in the cards we got.  Hubby was the gopher.
We were having so much fun shopping for them, sewing, and wrapping as we thought of them lovingly for the last week.  But by the end of tonight, I was exhausted and reminded why I like doing our shopping trip with our son that we have planned next week where we don't have to wrap gifts.

My son's gifts all had a black ribbon and some pin twigs from our yard.  One had a pine cone.  This one is the book I wrote.  Shhhhhh.
Our daughter-in-law's all had a pine twig and straws and red striped ribbons.
Our granddaughter's had silver bracelets and gold ribbon and a pine twig.  We even wrote her name in all the polka-dots!  I took this photo before we wrote though.
Hubby packed it all in a big box and sealed it and we sat down exhausted.  I'm getting so old!  We were talking about how we liked this tree of my grandma's that my great-grandmother made so much when I took this grainy photo in the dark from afar.

Then I had to make myself get up and go do the cleaning job.
I'm glad I don't have to have this energy every day.

My headache is really getting to me.


Tammy said…
Love your wrapping job! :)

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