Dec 15 . . a Tuesday

I'm not getting good sleep the last two nights.  My acid reflux is really kicking in and I'm not getting to sleep until two or three a.m. and then getting up around 6 a.m.
I still have a headache!  This is the large box that I shipped over my lunch hour.  It's crazy what it costs to ship things!  This box is even light.  Well, that took up my lunch hour.

Miss Tizzy knows comfort.  Always.  As before I leave for work how I found her.

I had such a horrible headache after work but hubby wouldn't seem to understand.  He practically demanded I come help him put all the new stuff on the bed that he had just taken out of the wash.  We have never had a duvet before and it took us a long time to get it together.  We were shaking it to get it in place inside.  Then we couldn't get the ties to work, so we had to take it all out and turn it inside out and try again.  Then the edges wouldn't line up.  I'm hoping this is something we don't have to do often.  We really like how it is turning out though. Painting the wall is next and getting different pillows too.

I had the cleaning job tonight and so I forced myself up to go to that with this huge headache.  

Then we had plans to visit our son for the evening, but he wanted to go out to eat.  I gave him his copy of the devotion book and checked out his badly needing cleaned house before we went to Texas Roadhouse.

Hubby got a call from his sister while we were entering the restaurant and they had this person in this armadillo costume greeting us so we took our silly photo of the day for his sister while he was talking to her.
She sent us a photo of the flowers I had sent to her while she was in the hospital. 

Here's our dinner companion and we took this to send to hubby's sister too.

Here's our meal.  We split a meal.  Still yet it was way too much food.  I want to stop eating for the next month!

We had a nice evening out, even with my headache.

Why haven't I taken any pain medications?  Oh, because I'm so stupid!  I'm a gluten for punishment!
I'm almost to the point of not functioning it hurts so much.

I'm ready for some down time too.
And some good sleep for a change.


Tammy said…
Handsome young dinner companion you've got there!

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