Dec 16 . . . a Wednesday

I did not take any photos today.

Yeah, scale keeps going up.  Still thinking on when to start dieting.

Watched Survivor finale on the live t.v. part of the CBS app for three hours in the evening.  Love this show!  Sorry it's over, but then again, it will free up time. . . until it starts in February again.  I always marvel at how they are out there right now filming and going through what we will see in February.

I needed some down time.  Much needed.

I also worked on my second doggy Christmas layout, mostly during commercials.  It brings me so much joy to do these layouts and share them.  However, fewer people are "liking" them and it makes me wonder if I've shared my dogs too many times.  Sometimes I think people just don't like to encourage certain other people because they feel they don't have the talents, so it's sort of a jealously thing.


Tammy said…
I know I haven't been commenting much...

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