Dec 17 . . . a Thursday

Hubby finally got our handyman to come to the house to look at the light over the sink.  It has been not working for maybe a year now!  Ah!  Hubby kept playing with the switch and making it work and then it would randomly go out.  I put the pressure on him before Thanksgiving and especially when he was to get someone to do the sump pump and the light at the same time, but he boo-foo'ed and we ended up paying dearly for the sump pump alone.  I get so tired of reminding and reminding him that I might as well just do everything myself.

Anyway, good news is that a little over a week ago he called the handyman and he was to come this day and that day and he kept forgetting until yesterday he finally came and the light is all fixed.  He replaced the wire.  I had told hubby over and over to stop trying to work the light that it was the wire and a fire hazard and he, as always, never believed me and kept at it.  So he incredibly admitted to me, something he never does, that I was right, even without me prompting him.

The super good news is that our handyman walked out and said "Merry Christmas" and did not charge us!  Wow!  God is good!  God works through other people in ways we never imagine!  So now the boo-foo with the sump pump may semi even out on our costs. 

We visited the funeral home of a 25 year old young man who had been a part of the scout troop the same time as our boys.  I'd spent a lot of camping hours with him and a lot of sitting at meeting hours.  He died in a car crash, most likely alcohol related, on Saturday morning (overnight Friday).  He left behind a young daughter that he had fought hard to have visitation.  We met a lot of faces from those scouting days.  I was surprised to see Ms. Patsy was still working with the troop.

After the funeral home, we decided to drive through the park display in Jackson.  It is not anywhere near as large as Cape, but I took great delight in the many lights on the trees.

I got out and took some photos.  Hubby did not want to get out of the car. I really wanted to take a walk down between the trees.  He's such a party pooper.  lol  Maybe we will come back another day.

I liked this one the best of the trees.

I had read about the Stooges Restaurant that was going to give a free Christmas dinner to the lonely and the needy on Christmas Day and that they were having a Christmas concert.  I wanted to know where this restaurant was so we drove around until we found it.  There was one parking space left and we impromptu decided to pull in it and go inside.  We needed reservations, and even though the place was packed, the owner still found room for us and gave us a table up front.  We felt very welcomed.  That was unexpected.

We tried the curled potatoes with cheese sauce.  The potatoes were a little too crisp and almost burnt, but otherwise were good.  I think they were just that busy that they got left in a tad too long.  The cheese sauce was good.

The potato skins I have to try everywhere I go.  No one ever matches BeeGee's in Cape.  This holds true as these were not as good.  The key is that they don't use real cheese.  The fake cheese just melts into an oily mess.  Otherwise, it was done well.  The skin itself was cooked well.  I suppose that is why, however, they can sell them so cheep is that they don't use the best ingredients. I have no desire to buy them again.

This was in the bathroom and I posed for a photo.  With the candidates we have to choose from, this might be a better choice.  lol

We had the open face roast over mash potatoes.  Hubby loved it.  He gobbled it down (we most often like to share meals) and I only had a few bits.  I had most of the green beans though and those were good.  Again, cheep ingredients.  I was surprised hubby liked it so much.  Blech.  I was glad he ate it because I'm trying to cut down on what I eat and this is not the healthiest of foods we are eating today.

The show was fan-taboulous though!  The singers were excellent.  What talent and beautiful voices. There was truly a spirit of Christmas in the room.  Several people chatted with us and it seemed such a friendly restaurant.  The patrons seemed to help make it a great place.  It was amazing that the singers all donated their time freely. Some even traveled great distances. We listened to about 5 of them, but because we were there 45 minutes early, our behinds were getting sore trying to sit in the small seats, so we decided to leave.  We put some money in the tip bucket to help out with the Christmas Day dinner.


Tammy said…
Sounds like a great time! Happy for your no charge fix!

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