Dec 19 . . . a Saturday

We were exhausted after dancing the night before and had nothing on our calendar.  There were some things we could do around town, but we really just wanted to rest.  I worked on my computer most of the morning and even made a digital bible journaling page.  

By 1 p.m. I was tired of being in bed and at my laptop and so I took a shower and suggested to hubby that we get out and about rather than sitting at home all day.  Being as I need to loose weight, I need to be keeping active.  We left the house around 2 p.m.

First we went to Lowes and we picked out paint for the guest bedroom and our bedroom.  That must have taken us 2 hours!  lol  Choosing paint is so difficult.  I wanted it to blend with the duvet cover in the guest bedroom an had a color in mind, but goodness, there are so many subtle color difference and I know they all don't look the same after you get them home on your wall.  We just had to pick one.  We had it down to two, a lighter and darker one on the same paint strip.  Finally, we just made the choice.
We decided to just walk around the mall for a while just to walk and when I went down another path to avoid a stoplight that was backed up, we came across this shop I'd seen online a lot.  I thought it was downtown and was surprised.  I thought it was all clothes for smaller woman, so never visited, but pleasantly found they had other things.

This is a tree they had up and I just loved the four branch wreaths around the tree.  I made a mental note of that! I liked it!  I wonder how they got the various sizes as the tree got wider towards the bottom.  Maybe you can buy garland like this.

They had a prayer wall and hubby wrote a prayer request for his sister and hung it on the wall.

At the mall, hubby posed for this silly photo for his photo to send to his sister.  She's still in the hospital and is hoping to get out next Tuesday.  She's been in there so long it seems.  We are worried for her.

There was a furniture store where the old venture used to be and we found these huge round chairs that we just had to sit in and play.  Yeah, we are just out here to exercise by walking and play and have a good time.  lol

We found this sectional.  We've been looking at the idea for the last month of getting something different than our couch that never gets used in the living room.  See, we shouldn't shop because we get ideas to spend money!  lol  We don't neeeeed furniture, but we've been looking.  What's so great about just this one piece of sectional (they wouldn't sell it separately as two pieces either!) is that is it is small for our small living room, we could stretch out if we put it under the window and look out the picture window, three people could still sit on it, plus it is long enough and flat enough to stretch out and sleep on should someone come to visit and we needed a place for them to sleep.  Soooo versatile!  We need something like that (without the other piece).  I'm even getting ideas in my head of just building a frame myself and finding some way to get a cushion for it.

We went to El Sol to eat and it was about 8 p.m. and I had not eaten a bite all day.  We got our favorite white cheese dip and chips that are oh so thin.  We love this stuff.  I got a water and no margarita as I'm trying to watch the calories and the money we spend.  We are eating out way too much this month.

I ordered ala carte and got these tacos.  I'm sure they are fattening, even with them having chicken, tomatoes, and lettuce.   Still, without sides I don't really want anyway, and this being the only thing I've eaten all day, and with all the walking, I'm hoping I'm okay.

Hubby got two enchiladas, rice, and beans and I seriously don't see how he ate all that!  It doesn't even look appetizing to me.  No veggies and all one color.

We were exhausted by the time we got home and my feet were really hurting after being on them two days for so many hours.


Tammy said…
You two seem to have a lot of fun together! So enjoy reading about your adventures. :)

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