Dec 4 . . . a Friday

What a busy day I had!  After doing the advent devotion sharing work, I put together some of the first margin strips on a sheet and printed them and began cutting them out.  All before work!  I felt I had done something.  I blogged more about it on Saturday, so read this blog post to see the other photos.
It was a frosty morning again and hubby had covered my car with a piece of cardboard, but took it off before he went to work, and the windshield was already covered with frost again.

I tell ya, this sparkles!  The lawn sparkles! The frost glistening in the sun is so pretty! There is no way to capture the beauty in a photo.

I had to laugh at the girls when I came home for lunch as they went and found the one spot on the carport that had sun in it.  They know what feels good!  See, even dogs love the sunlight!  See their shadows?  I worked some more on the Hybrid Bible Journaling during my lunch hour as in the above post I linked.

We had SUCH a grand time in the evening going downtown.  I cannot remember the last time we had so much simple fun.  So I have a lot of photos to share.  This was painted by my friend and we walked through her store and we visited with her for a bit to start out our evening.

The downtown was PACKED with people in good holiday cheer!  It felt like a scene from a 1950's movie.  Most of the store were open, there were carolers here and there as you walked down the streets, and the windows were decorated to the hilt!  There was one with real people posed as mannequins that was just fabulous.  When we first walked up I heard people saying something about waiting for them to blink and sure enough they did!  I really had to step back for a few moments to realize they were not real.  Every once in a while they would change position and it was scare the young ones.

Socials Cafe had a fan-tabulous hot chocolate bar.  It was only $2 a cup too!  The hot chocolate was super rich, so for the price, there was no cheating using watered down cheap cocoa.  Then there were all these candies and things to put in the hot chocolate.  Of course, it just dissolved in the bottom of the cup making it even richer.

There was home-made marshmallows which were just way too cool!  Now I want to learn how to make these!

Then there was whipped cream and sprinkles. We could have bought cookies, but the hot cocoa was enough!  There was even for the $2 price a spoon dipped in hot cocoa, but hubby put it in my cup before I could get a photo of it.

We were starving before we went down and had intentions on finding a restaurant to eat, but the hot chocolate felt so filling we were not hungry at all anymore.

When we got down to Hutson's we enjoyed their window, as always.  Hubby used to help set this up years ago when he was probably in his 20's and worked for them.  It is different every year, animated, and oh so fabulous.  The sign said they had been doing this 70 years!

I did not take many photos of it this year, but I really enjoyed watching the children enjoy it.

We walked around inside Hutsons and we decided that we needed to shoot our silly "brother" photos to text to his sister for our daily thing we have going on.  I spotted this Santa and had him stand there and I think it just turned out so adorable!  

This one was not as adorable, but still fun to try to take.

I sat down to text the photos.  Yeah.  A foot photo.
We wrote that hubby was teaming up with Santa and plotting and planning elf-er-tunity.  So fun.

The big moose seemed perfect for another photo shoot.

I decided to get in front of the camera and we found the next caricature to pose with.

Walking back down the street we saw the Teen Challenge bus dropping off a group of carolers.

So we stuck around until they sang a few songs until they moved on to another location down the street.

We walked around the block and only had a 5 minute wait to ride the horse drawn carriage around the block downtown.  Hubby was getting really silly funny.  We sat next to a  young man who remembered me but I did not him who was in the scout troop with our boys.  They all agreed they'd like to spend the rest of the night with us because we were so much fun.  Um, let's not hope our funny wears out!

This is a shot down main street from the carriage.

We walked around the corner to a building now owned by Rust & Martin that we had been watching being refurbished for a long time from the outside.  They allowed us to go up all three flights of stairs to check out the old building.  It was so cool!  The top was a little dangerous as it was still unfinished, but there was molding and a tub and whatnot up there which told me it may be an apartment some day.  The place was so huge.  It doesn't seem that big from the outside.  I didn't take too many photos. 

They said we could go to the third floor, but I think we were allowed because they know us as there were no lights on and it was a bit dangerous.  The views out the windows were fabulous!  What fun being adventurers.  The rooms were a winding trail.

This is the window at my friend's store.  We finally made it back to the beginning of our downtown walk.
This is another of my friend's windows.  She painted this.  She is really an amazing artist.

And boom!  There were the teen challenge carolers again! We sat on the bench and listened again.

Then we walked down to the river and there was a guy there with his guitar singing. It was getting cold.

I was not really hungry, but had not eaten all day either.  So we decided to get some half-price appetizer's at Applebee's.  Including a margarita and a tea, we spent $20 to cap off our fun night together.
We had some great laughs when we found the cheese sticks had no cheese in them!  I'm not quiet sure how they formed the shape without the cheese, so there must have been some in there at one point in time.

We were exhausted and my feet hurt by the time we got home, but it was such a memorable wonderful evening.  I love my city!


Tammy said…
Sounds and looks like an awesome day!! Love Applebees. :D

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