Dec 6 . . . a Sunday

We both woke up in time for church, but we both felt physically exhausted from the day before.  Hubby had really been complaining about exhaustion in that he could feel it in his heart and breath, so we took the morning off from church activities for physical rest.  I do not think we have even fully decompressed from the stress of travel yet.  I'm feeling old.

Around 1 p.m. we decided we had a few hours available to us that we might be able to get out a few Christmas decorations, which was something we thought would not be possible for another week.

I love just changing out the blankets and pillows as that almost seems enough to change the feel of the room, plus they are things we can actually use.  

Apparently, Miss Tizzy feels she can use them too!  We turned around and she was a "queen sitting on her tuff" and we both laughed out loud at her cuteness.

I had trouble getting a good photo with the window in the background, so I changed views and she sat down.

Then Ria was jealous of Miss Tizzy getting so much attention that she jumped up and sat down with Miss Tizzy so she could have some attention.  They are just like children!  They make us laugh and smile.

I got a new tea cup last night for $1.50 and I am really enjoying it today.  Oh, the simple things that I enjoy, as I always say!  I said to hubby, "See, you can make me happy for only $1.50!"

Hubby pulled the Santa hats from the box and began dancing around with them.  This is the "brother silly photo of the day" for his sister.

We put the tree up.  And that was it.  No ornaments.  No bubble lights.  No nothing else but the pre-lit, pre-installed lights.  We are minimalists this year.  We are exhausted and old.  At least we put it up.

About 10 minutes later from the blanket photos, we turned around and Miss Tizzy had found another tuff to sit on!  That girl!  She sure does make us smile!

This is how hubby decorates.  I suppose we won't use that lamp now for the next few weeks.  lol

While we decorated, I had a candle burning.  I always forget to light them, but I sure do enjoy them when I do.

We left the house around 3:30 and at 4:00 p.m. we were having appetizers at small group.  The appetizers were all vegetables, so hubby did not eat any.

Then we all gathered to sing Christmas carols and some old books were brought out and we enjoyed looking at them and the covers.
It was a grand 'ol classic holiday party time with the 12 of us singing carols in the living room to the piano.  Loved that!  Even if I cannot sing!

Then we had dinner.  Again, all hubby would eat was the ham and rolls.  Poor guy and his taste buds!  I enjoyed all of the meal though.  Then they had desert and it had fruit in it!  Ah!  Again he did not eat.  Poor guy and his taste buds!

After dinner we all gathered around one table and first shared how we met.  We managed to get away with not telling too much of that story!

Then we split back up into two tables and played mexican train dominoes.  We had a lot of fun as it was an "old school" Christmas dinner and party.

It was nearly 9 p.m. before we got home and we were still feeling exhausted.  Aren't we supposed to feel refreshed after the weekend?


Tammy said…
I think your hubby and I have the same taste buds. Giggle.

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