Dec 7 . . . a Monday

So I finished my work for posting the advent devotions this morning (which is taking me some time each morning, but I'm keeping priority and staying focused) and since there has been little response to the margin strips, and I'm burnt out and feeling burdened in making them, especially because there are so many more days left to do them, I decided to switch gears and make a new template for everyone. I opened Photoshop and made a new file and sat and looked at it. Nothing. Nada. Zapped. Zilcho came out. Sigh. Sorry.

Before work I through a small roast and some beef broth in the crockpot, but that was all I had time for.  I left for lunch late and all I had time for during the lunch hour was to finish adding to the crockpot.  It did look and smell good though!

It was good and I was glad I did it because we had a fast dinner in order to head out for the evening.

First we went shopping at Hobby Lobby.  We bought some things to pose the girls for their annual holiday Christmas dog photo and some things to make some gifts (shhhh... cannot share that on the blog yet!).

Hubby was making his usual funnies and I told him to hold the bells so I could type his funny to his sister for his "daily brother fun photo."  It said, "If you put these bells on the cow, you will always be able to find him.  It will be a one pasture cow."

Then we did some grocery shopping.

Then I did the cleaning job.

I was exhausted by the time I settled down around 9 p.m. I've got this pain in my armpit and the flab of my arm and it actually went to the back of the arm.  I've had it for a long time and the best I can think is that it is due to how I lay on that side in bed while on my laptop.  I put a big ice pack on it for a while.  I wish I knew it was just a muscle thing because my mind goes crazy thinking cancer or something else scary.  But I'm not going to pay for a doctor to tell me it is just muscle stuff due to age.

We watched one t.v. show and could not keep our eyes open any longer.


Tammy said…
That roast looks so yummy. Maybe now that there are only four of us for dinner, I might buy one!!

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