Dec 8 . . . a Tuesday

I got up and worked on the blog posts and the newsletter and sharing for the advent devotions.  As I left for work, I smiled at our living room.  I really like the simpleness of Christmas and that it is not cluttered up with stuff everywhere.  I am really enjoying the sun coming in the window.

I actually had a night off and no place to go.  It was a good thing because I did not feel right at work today.  My back was hurting, but not really hurting, but more like "bleacher seat back."  All I wanted to do when I got home was to lay flat on my back, so I took my position on the couch.  I ended up farting a lot throughout the evening and that seemed to relieve pressure on my back.  I kept telling myself I deserved this down time, at the same time as feeling guilty for not getting up and exercising as I know that might help too.

Miss Tizzy was snuggling me so cute that I had to take a photo.  Ria tried hard to get into position, but there just was not enough room on the couch and she is too big to sit on top of me, especially putting more pressure on my back.  So we tried to get her to sit with hubby, but she kept looking back observing me and Tizzy.  She is a smart dog.  See below.

This is the hat which was so cute as I watched t.v. . . . . all night.  How did I do that?  We watched I think three episodes of Master Chef Junior.

See how Ria imitates Tizzy?  She is always getting jealous of Tizzy, but she observes how Tizzy does it and then imitates it.  Isn't that just too adorable?  She thinks she is small like Tizzy.



Tammy said…
You and your dogs are too cute.

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