December 11 . . . a Friday

This was Miss Tizzy a I left for work.  This girl sure knows how to enjoy the simple things in life!  I always say she's just like me and Ria is just like hubby.
I dumped the silver bells onto the kitchen table to begin working with them to stage our 2015 Christmas dog photo and took this #stillswithstories photo. I thought it was kind of fun.  Enjoying the simple things!
When I woke this morning, the old laptop was stuck on the upgrade that I thought had been working all night.  It must have come up with a click to agree to agreement thing right after I walked away.  So I clicked and it started the download again and it was working yet as I left for work.  At lunch time, I saw this.  Yeah!  Seems promising, although I'm still nervous.
Then it did this for a very long time and occasionally went to a grey screen and then back to this and I wasn't so confident Windows 10 would work on my old laptop.  Finally, it went through and I tested it all and cleaned it up with ccleaner and was able to play a video and all seemed well!  I'm amazed that Windows 10 is running now on my about 10 year old laptop!  Amazed!
While I was waiting for the laptop to do its thing during my lunch hour, the girls were busy hugging each other in my lap.  Ria gave Tizzy a good cleaning to get all the gunk out around her eyes and then in her ears and Miss Tizzy just closed her eyes and soaked in every moment of the pampering.  They really do love each other.  Ria is always so motherly too.  I love watching them as they bring me so much joy.

Of course, then I had little white dog hairs all over me that took me forever to get off when I got back to work.  I use packing tape to remove it as it works best of all things and I want an expensive metal pack tape dispenser for Christmas just like the one at work as I know I would use it all the time at home!  Yep!  That's what I want for Christmas!  Crazy me!

As we were getting ready to leave work I overheard someone ask another if they were attending the soiree.  I had to look it up!  I had heard the word, but it was so old school I did not really know the meaning.  Then when I got home and told hubby he said the same thing!  Glad I'm not alone.  I do suppose it describes our party well though. 

So, at home, I spent some time re-dressing hubby who seems to have also gained inches in his belly and his dress clothes no longer fit.  I know what he needs for Christmas!  We have our annual Christmas shopping family day planned with our son and we are lining up our ideas!

Then I played with the bells stringing them and we worked a little more on positioning the setup for the dog photo op  as I did not want to be the first at the party and then we left for our soiree!

The houses were amazing in the subdivision where the party was all decorated up with lights.  They all must hire the same guy to put lights on their houses.  We wondered how they got the lights up so high.

The house was full when we got there and we headed to the food table which I forgot to take a photo of.  I found that they used Celebrations to cater and I was so happy as they are my favorite!  Hubby and I are talking about going to eat there as a Christmas date to each other as we've never splurged before.   We made our way to the back porch were I decided to sit.  The party was going on inside, but I am not much for big crowds.  I figure if I sit here people will eventually come out to get drinks (which the drink table was on the patio) and I could eventually lure them all out to chat with me individually here.  By the end of the night, the porch was crowded and I found I needed to sneak inside to a corner of the living room to get away from the crowd.

This is a different view of my food.  I'm not sure what they do to make the carrots, green beans, and asparagus taste so good and unique, but I would love to know so I can make it at home.  I didn't eat a small beef brisket sandwich because I felt that was too much for my belly.  I had a tad of the jambalaya and then an amazing cookie and chocolate pecan bark too.  I had to fill my plate a second time.

Hubby got a text during the party that his sister has had two bad days not able to keep food down and was taken to the emergency room.  Other replies kept coming through the group text message for a while which kept making him more down.  I tried to remind him that this was not the end, that she was okay and they would be able to help her so she could go back home, but I'm not sure it made his spirits lifted at all.

My co-worker is also home earlier this week on hospice and so it is a difficult time.  It seems both of them have taken the same path starting in mid-July and going downhill fast right now.  God's timing is unique.


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