December 12 . . . a Saturday

When I woke up this morning, one of my contacts was missing and I had to break open a new box.  I only note this as I write this the next Wednesday because I developed a headache on Saturday and it still has not gone away and I rarely get headaches.  I'm wondering if it were a prescription change in the new box and my eyes are not adjusting well.
After I did the devotional work and took a shower, we got started right away to finish the staging for our annual dog photo.  I had an idea hit me and we removed the hanging plant and used the hook to hand a pole down.  Then we hung the silver bells and snowflakes down from the pole.  I think this is a much better idea than trying to hang them all with tape from the ceiling which was our initial idea.  Now we can move them around on the pole until they work right.

It all started out so nice and neat with he blankets, but as we did testing, I realized the camera looking towards the window was not going to work as the dogs faces were dark and to lighten it up everything got blown out.

I realized if I stood by the window it would be a better exposure, but then I could see the shelf and everything on the shelf.  This would not work!  This is Ria by herself being a test subject.  You can see her ears are down and she is unsure of this sled.  It's good to get her used to it.

This was a test shot the other direction which shows it all blown out.  See, her ears are up!

Then when we took it all down, we hung it all up over the picture window.  It does look really pretty, but I could not get a good photo of it for exposure sake.  The pole is on top of the rod for the blinds.  This way we can leave it all through January as decoration and not waste money that we spent on the staging.

I see the silly bird feeder which hubby hung way up high in this photo and some of the dead flowers that we went outside to fix after we finished the window.  It was 70 degrees outside on December 12 and that was crazy!  So we went out to get a lot of yard work done.  I cut back a lot of dead stuff and hubby loaded it to his truck.  We also disposed of the stand for the bird feeder.  We were going to keep it and repurpose it, but we've had it forever and we really don't like it.  I hate throwing this away, so this has been a struggle of a decision.  We also cleaned up the squirrel cages and put them away and I had hubby rehang the shutter that has been down forever.  I tell ya, if I die first, this house is going to the pits!  The way he randomly puts things and lazily doesn't do this or that is crazy.  I also say, do it right or don't do it at all!  Like the bird feeder that fell.  I would have put it up right with a new string, but no, he just hangs it up with no string all silly until his wife' makes him do it right.  Ah!

Now this is super crazy that the Spring bulbs are coming up!  No way!  

I tried to get photos of the pretty stuff in the window, but it wouldn't work right with all the reflections.

Yep, 70 degrees at 4:32 p.m. today.

During the blue hour I was able to get some of the window a little better from inside.  I was determined, but not too successful, to photograph the pretty I saw.

We had plans to go to a free cabaret musical at a small local restaurant.  I thought it was going to be music and acting, but it was just music and some jokes.  Still, they were very good and it was free.  The public was invited, but we were the only public that came other than those already associated with the group and I felt we stuck out like a sore thumb.  They mentioned us and made us talk several times.  It was awkward.  This is a photo of my drink while we were waiting on our food.

We had this appetizer together.

And we split this sandwich.  And the food was okay, but we need to stop eating as we both feel we are gaining pounds by the minute.

Anyway, it made for a nice date night downtown for the holidays.

In the evening, I continued to work on my dog layout and finished it.


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