December 18 . . . a Friday

After work today we headed out to the weekly gathering at a church member's home with our bottle of wine and some fun ice cubes and candy. We walked into their home as we were told we could do, without knocking, only to find it was totally empty with only the living room lights on. Where was everyone?  Had we gotten there late and they all went caroling or something?  It turned out they had canceled and we did not know and the sitter had taken the kids somewhere and left the door unlocked!  

We went with Plan B.  I had seen on a friend's post on Facebook that she had attended these free dance lessons.  It is free for the lesson and $5 a person for the dance time after the lessons.  How reasonable is that! We've always wanted to learn how to dance.  We never could take lessons because of either the boys' schedules, hubby working nights, or the cost we could not afford.  

I was super excited and hubby was unsure.  He does not have as much natural talent as I do.  But he put on his best "I can do it" smile and we went.

There is only dress or casual attire allowed.  No jeans.  That was interesting.

Each week they do a different type of dance lesson and tonight was the cha-cha.  We had such a great time!  Or at least I did and hubby put forth his best effort.  I think if he keeps going, he will learn and it will get easier and he will have more fun.  It seemed we had lessons for more than an hour, however, and dancing only the last hour, but that was okay too.  

They had the male teacher on one side with all the men standing behind him to follow his steps and the female teacher on the other side with all the women standing behind her to follow her steps.  They repeated it over and over as we practiced.  Then we got together and tried dancing together with our partner.  Then to our surprise, they told the men to choose another women.  That was a bit difficult at first to dance with a complete stranger, but then again, it was really good because it is in dancing with others that I think we will get better.

I can pick up the steps fairly easily and with practice will get better, but I really need practice on learning to let the man lead.  I knew that going in and was glad to be able to dance with other men to see how it felt to be led.  I know that sounds crazy, but hubby doesn't know how to dance so I've always had to lead.  I enjoyed the opportunity to be a woman!   It was hard when hubby and I danced, however, for me to let him lead as I would think he would start to move and I would put my foot to the side and he wouldn't have moved yet because he was still thinking.  When I led, we danced better, but when I waited patiently for him to lead, we looked so awkward.  But that is love to let yourself look awkward so your hubby can learn!   I'm trying!

We did a dance where we were in a line of women on the left and men on the right and whoever we met up with, we danced down the middle until the men put us back in the line.  I enjoyed that as I felt dancing with other people really helped to teach me too.  I've never had an opportunity to dance with any other men before.

I snapped a photo of us sitting down as we were exhausted after so many hours, plus we did not know the dances the others were doing as we had not had those lessons yet.  It's kind of a blurry photo.  

There were lots of photos being taken and I've seen them on the Facebook page so I'm sure more will surface of us later and I'm a little anxious about seeing them.  Will I look fat or funny?

I am also thankful for this opportunity because I really need to get out and exercise and this was great exercise for me.  I need to get back on the weight loss journey!


Tammy said…
How fun!! I'm a real clutz, so not sure I'd do well at all, but I'd love to learn.

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