December 21 . . . a Monday

Yesterday we hung the clock I had gotten from my mom earlier this year in the guest bedroom.  I need to do a layout of this clock!  This IS it!  This is the clock I listened to that is referenced my Spirit of Santa Claus writing that has been read, enjoyed, and inspired by many over the years.  I can't say enough how tickled I am to have it now.  It's crazy how memories make us value certain things over other things.  However, the hour hand is not working!  It is stuck on 6 p.m. because of gravity.  I find it ironic that I think the time we were allowed to wake up our parents was 6 a.m. and that now the clock is stuck there.  We joked that the clock is accurate twice a day.  lol  When I have time I'll take it down to see if I can fix it.  Mom says it was working when she took it off the wall.  It could have gotten jostled in the long car trip or something.  We talk about the ticking and wonder if the guests will like it to sleep by or be disturbed. If it disturbs them, we can stop the clock while they sleep.  I can only hear it when I'm in the room.  I actually like coming down the hallway and being able to see a clock with time as I'm rushing to get read between the bedrooms and the bathrooms in the morning.

A client gave me a box of chocolates. That was so sweet and thoughtful!  I'm sure hubby will help me eat it.

After work my mom called and we chatted a while.  Hubby ran one can of the paint back to the store and bought the other color while I was talking on the phone.  We are just not sure the color we painted in the guest bedroom is the right color.  We figured we'd do each bedroom a different color and then we could choose which one was right that way.  I was anxious to see so I painted another huge swatch on the wall.  The color on the right is the new color.  You can see the color on the left is the color in the guest bedroom which has a little green to it.


Tammy said…
I need to get busy painting my bedroom. We bought the paint at least 6 months ago...

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