December 22 . . . a Tuesday

I am so excited for today!  We are spending the day with our son for our annual Christmas quality time day.  I had the idea and hubby made some banana bread for him, so we gave it to him when he came by around 9:30 p.m. to begin our day.  We both took vacation days from work to spend time with him.
This is my son buying me my Christmas gift at Best Buy.  I got a Roku.  It was the smallest one and I'm sure it is all I need.  I won't need the fancy features like speaking instead of clicking the remote.  

Then we went to Kohls where hubby picked out three pairs of dress pants.  He's gained weight and his 30/30 that he always brags about being able to wear is uncomfortable when he sits now.  He was a 28/30 when we married.  Now we are buying 34/30 and I'm giggling!  Our son bought him one of the pairs, the more expensive one, and I bought him the other two.

We bought our son a hand vacuum, a Sharp brand.  That was what he decided he wanted.  It was about $50.  We also bought him a clearance shirt he found for $5.

Well, that was easy!  Our shopping was done fast!  We all had our gifts.
We went to Bob Evans to eat.  I'm not sure why people like iHop so much because I find their food blech.  I don't know why we don't eat at Bob Evans more.  I really like their food.  We had a nice lunch and our waitress gave us great service.

Our son had mentioned when he first got to the house about watching Star Wars together and had already picked out a show time.  We finished shopping so fast that we had about an hour to blow.  I decided there were a few things I still had on my wish list that have been on my wish list forever, so we went first to Macy's and looked at the pots.  We saw some we liked, but did not buy anything.

Then we went to Staples and I got the packing tape dispenser I had been wanting since the boys were little.  It was crazy that it was only $12 and I've not bought it all these years.  I need it because I like to use packing tape as a lint roller.  lol  Oh, the dog hairs!  Of course, we need it for packing boxes, but we do not do that often.  Hubby grew frustrated just last week trying to use the packing tape when we shipped.  I think this may be a permanent fixture where I can grab it handy somewhere.

We got a soda and popcorn and that was crazy because we were so full, but I just cannot go to the movie without eating popcorn.  It's just not the same!  No dinner for us!  Our son ran into a friend and here he is saving him a seat while he waits for his friend to come.  Our son did move over and sit next to hubby for the movie.
And, here is the screen.  A de javu from the past!  lol

Yep, there it is!

Why did I take all these photos?  Oh, cause it's just cool to think of the good 'ol days when we thought it was cool the first time we saw the text get smaller going into the perspective in the background until it disappeared.  Now they do much more amazing things.

My favorite in the movies is always the cute machines.  This new one called BB-8 was adorable as it rolled along.  I always liked R2-D2 too.

The movie was good, although I'm not too much into science fiction.  It held my attention and it's a classic, so fun.
We snapped a photo as we left the theater and texted it to some people.

Our son was tired because of his work schedule working nights so he went home and we went to Target because I wanted to see their pots yet.  I've wanted a cast iron big pot for two years now and I've passed them up and not bought them because of the cost far too many times.  If we ever have company, I have no pot to even make a pot of spaghetti in for a crowd.  We are doing fine with the few pots we have, but I'm gonna eventually need one.  I like that I can put it in the oven.

I sat on the floor and we debated on sizes between the 6 quart and the 3 quart.  I also need another regular small pot.  If we got the 3 quart, it could serve as our small pot as well as go in the oven, but then we'd still have to get a larger pot for company or roasts in the oven, rather than the crock pot.  The employee came and was listening to us and she commented how we were such great minimalists.  I had to laugh because that's what I've been seeing we are becoming more and more.  The fewer pots for more purposes, the better.  That's my goal. 

We ended up getting the 6 quart one because it will serve for spaghetti, soups, roasts, green beans in the oven, and so much more and we'll have something should we get company.  I'll keep looking for another small pot and I think I want one with a steamer that fits into it.  I have a portable steamer that I use in our one pot, but often we find ourselves needing two small pots when we are cooking for just us two.  We only have one pot and three cast iron skillets that stay on the stove and that is almost all we need!

We went home and I took a while playing to set up the Roku.  We really like it and I'm wondering why I never got this a year ago!  We've been tolerating watching cbs shows on the laptop on a tv tray between our two recliners for a while now.  Now we can watch it on our big t.v. and get rid of that t.v. tray sticking out in the middle of the room.  Whooo hoooo!  I am so excited!  I think we'll be able to move the stick to the bedroom too and use it on that t.v.  Why didn't we get this long ago?  I ask again and again!


Tammy said…
We're going to see Star Wars tonight. :)

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